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Litter Robot discount code available

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It said "Share with friends and family" so here ya go! It is good for $50 off a new Litter Robot, and is good through June 1, 2008. Please pm me if you would like to have the code !
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is this thing much better than litter maid?
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I think so, or should I say, for me it is . I'm running short on time, so here's an old post where I went on and on (LOL ) about how much I love this thing, and I am still as happy (or happier) with it now as I was then (I ordered mine in June of 2007) .

The price has changed, because they have "free shipping" now (but just added the average shipping to the price- the reconditioned ones are now $269, including shipping). I have the internet address of a litterbox forum I can pm you if you would like, to see just what all is out there- it is amazing how many there are, lol!

Originally Posted by catsallover View Post
I have 4 cats all using the same litterbox . I was at my wit's end too, because they all wanted to use the litterbox that was in my bathroom, that our eldest (14 years) cat wanted all to herself, plus she wanted a really clean box (and was using the bathroom rugs if it wasn't- arrghh!), and that was not happening with everyone liking the same one. So I broke down and got one of these:

We got a reconditioned one (that was considerably less expensive at $229):

And it came in about a week . And, I adore this thing! It just uses regular kitchen trash bags, the dome can be hosed out (literally!) in case someone has an upset tummy and well, you know... or just kept up with cleaning wipes, and it is clean for every cat, every time (unless one comes in right behind the other one, of course) and I can't smell it (and it sits on half a floor vent) unless it is really, really full .

It is super easy to use, too, with a button to push to rotate the dome's openings to the top to add litter, and to open the holes to dump the whole box into the tray when it's time for a complete change.

Even my "freaky" cat is using it now (she still sneaks in to watch it turn though, lol).

It was a good bit of $, but, even being a sale shopper, bargain hunter and coupon clipper (hence, the reconditioned unit ), I would spend that money on this all over again! It even has a pretty good warranty (18 months), a money back guarantee (if you or you cat doesn't like it), and I have read that they have great customer service.

Here is their link to help you know if it will work for you:

And no, I don't work for the company!

(edited- can't include litterbox forum address anymore )

I do still have a regular covered litterbox on each floor for emergencies (upstairs, mainfloor and basement) just in case, but I keep a thin (one inch, maybe?) layer of litter in them, to keep encouraging mine to use the Robot. Mine like to dig .

Good luck!
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Hi catsallover,
I am interested in purchasing a Litter Robot! Your discount code just might help me get to the price I need to place an order. Please send me the discount code!
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Sent! .....
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I would love to have the code

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I sent it to you . Tomorrow is the last day, if anyone else is interested .
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I would like the code too! I'll pm you now
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I have 2 and 2 of my cats love them. Hopefully my new kittens will too.
Get that code guys! It is worth it.
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I have 3 cats and have been looking for years for something that will work. Had the litter maid for a while, but it finally pooped out. Guess it couldn't handle all that work! I am excited to try the litter robot - looks cool and it comes in black!
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