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Close call

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I took my two new cats Harry and Misty to the vet last week. This was a follow-up visit to a visit 3 weeks earlier, to get the 2nd half of a vaccination shot, plus to make sure the de-worming worked.

Anyway, I have this carrier that has wheels and something to pull it by. With both cats in the thing, it is quite heavy (he's 13 pounds and she's about 9, so together they're kinda heavy). I was pulling the carrier across the parking lot towards the vet's office, and I had gotten to the sidewalk near their office. Something caught my attention and I looked behind me, to see that the door had come open, and Harry was strolling his way out of the carrier!

Oh, my Lord! He's loose! I started running after him, then remembered, hey, Misty's still in the carrier, so I quickly rushed back there to lock the door back down before she got out, too, and I'd have to chase down both of them.

Luckily, Harry was just kinda strolling around, not running and hiding, and he didn't run away from me as I rushed over to him. He stopped and I was able to pick him up and bring him back to the carrier, and shove him in (he doesn't like going into the carrier), without her getting out as I put him in.

Phew! Close call there.

Here's the dynamic duo (Harry on top, Misty down at the bottom):

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I can see it all now! My heart would have leapt into my throat. Meanwhile Harry probably had no idea that wasn't meant to happen. Good thing too. He may have took the oppurtunity to go run off and have some fun.
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lol yeah must have been a a paradise meanwhile your freaki'n out!
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you are write
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