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I was thinking

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This thought has crossed my mind from time to time. Why don't employers allow bereavement time for pets? I mean most people consider pets a family member. Do you think people should be allowed time off when they lose a pet? Do you think employers will eventually allow it?
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That would be nice. I know my boss is pretty laid back when it comes to anything. The last couple of weeks I've been dealing with things in our apartment breaking and flooding and now breaking our lease and finding a new place and moving. I told my boss that there may be times where I can't come in or I might have to leave in the middle of a shift and she totally understood. She said she wants me to come to her about anything and that she understands I need to take care of myself first and foremost. I bet if something tragic happened to my Skye she would be more than understanding. Some people just don't get it tho.
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I doubt it. I was treated bad when some of my Cats died. Patches died on Thanksgiving and I was at work. The Mgr had taken the day off and he lived real close to work. I asked if I could go Home and he said it was just a Cat. I was crying there. Then another time I got a phone call saying they were taking Lucy to Er she was real bad. I was off at 5 and they had asked me to stay until 8 and I had said yes. I get a phone call from my Sister saying Lucy is very bad. I get a phone call later Lucy died on the way to the Vet with my Sister holding her. The idiot Dm comes in and yells at me its busy get off the phone. It was the Er Vet asking what I wanted to do. I was Crying. The place I worked for didnt care at all. Years later the Mgr and me have a arguement because he wants me to take his Cat to be pts because she had Cancer that spread. It sure was differant with his Cat. He wanted me to stay and work off teh clock for him because there was no other Mgr. is aid no. The night before my Mom died I was closing and I got a call saying they called 911 and she was bad. she was being taken to the Hospital. I asked if I could go home. The Mgr lived real close and he said its only 2 Hours more and refused to come. I counted the money and did the Audit. I left him a note in the safe saying I think she is going to die and that wasnt very nice of him to make me stay and not come. I was off the next day. I get a call the next day from my Sister saying come now she is dying. Five minutes later I get a call she died. I didnt get to the Hospital in time.
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At my last job I had a day off when Stinky (my rat) died... but thats because I went into work all emotional and they sent me home.
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I am lucky that my supervisor and coworkers are laid back enough that they'd understand and probably give me the day.

But the place I worked for before this one?? There would be no way that I'd get the time off. I really think they should make it a rule though because your pets are part of your family!
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