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vomiting kitty, help :(

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Hi! My kitty, Socks, is 11 mo. She is a domestic short hair. She does not usually vomit, and when I got home from church last night there were 3 huge piles of throw up on the floor! Then she would kind of "scream" at me, and I would follow her, and she would throw up some more. Each time after she would throw up, she would drink some water, so I don't think she is dehydrated. Last night before she went sleep, she went and drank some more water and ate some food. (science diet). So this morning everything seemed to be going great, she was playing with her brother, etc, and she was running really hard, then she stopped and threw up a little bit, but she ate some more after that. Then at noon today she threw up again, and wouldn't eat after that. I wasn't sure if she was tired of the food b/c she kept throwing it up, or what. So, I kind of did a no-no. I opened up a pudding snack wet my finger with it, she licked it, and liked it, and hasn't thrown it up. So I think that is a good sign. She has an appt with our vet in an hour, but I thought maybe ya'll could help me out a little. Also, she just got spayed about 5 months ago, and she has gained about 3 pounds since then!!!!! Is this normal?? Thanks,
Socks and Kelly
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After a spay weight gain is normal. Vomiting so much and screaming is not. Please let us know what the vet says- and I hope your cat will be okay.
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awww i hope your kitty is okay!!
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Here is an update on my furbaby, Socks!!! I took her to our vet, and she checked to make sure she didn't have anything lodged in her mouth, which she didn't. Then she palpated her stomach, and it was not tender, and she didn't feel anything abnormal. She said she wasn't sure why Socks had an upset stomach, but the fact that she was playing and wasn't lethargic was a good sign. She was worried b/c she hadn't eaten this afternoon, but she said that with her throwing up so much last night and a little bit this morning, she may not want to eat that type of food again b/c she associates it with throwing up. She said they could do x-rays, etc, but that she with Socks being so alert that maybe I could take her home and watch her and bring her back in tomorrow if need be. She also gave her a general de-worming which will sooth her stomach if she has eaten a cricket, etc. As soon as I got her home, she went straight to her food and water, then the litterbox!!! It's been an hour and half and no throwing up!!!! The only bad news was she needs to lose a couple of pounds, but that we can handle!!!!!!! Thanks, Kelly
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Oh, I'm glad to hear she's back to her old self. I'll keep my fingers crossed she doesn't get anymore upset tummies...
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