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Grocery bag experiences...

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Has anyone's cat ever had an incident with a grocery bag...as in getting it cought on them somehow. If you have, you know what I mean. I almost died laughing the other night. Unfortunetly, my cat nibbles got caught around the waist by a big paper "American Eagle" bag. The poor guy was scared to pieces and running around the house in a panic. He was so scared he would not stop to let me help him escape. The bag was about 3x his size and making the loudest bag noise. Oh my! It was funny and sad at the same time. This happened to bruizer with a grocery bag once and now every time he hears a bag rusteling he will run and hide.
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no but my aunt used to have this REALLY REALLY STUPID half rott half lab (ya i know its cat site but when you read how dumb he was, youll laugh) who got his head stuck in an empty bleach bottle (my g-ma had been using it to start plants) and got the his entire body stuck in a lawn chair.

our youth minister and a deacon from our church were over one night and we were all over and he bit my mom on the boob and got his tooth stuck in her shirt (it was a knit material) and couldnt get it out. he would hump EVERYTHING and we all had sticks (neutering did no good) to keep him away since he confused petting with a come-on (like all men LOL) and they thought we were just being mean until they got humped

and now for the winner:
my mom had a geo metro and the dog managed to back himself up under it and get stuck. my grandpa had to jack the car up to get him out!!
ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION HE DID THESE THINGS!! i have pictures of all this stuff because he would get scared and run around when we'd try to help him but i dont have a scanner. he wasnt a puppy either -- he was full grown.
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Arwen loves grocery bags, empty or not, she will curl up in them or either get her head stuck in the handles I think she likes the sound of the bag rustling...
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well in the cat dept, chloe LOVES to put her paws in the walmart bags and crinkle them, causing them to make noise and then run all over the apt causing a ruckus. then she looks all innocent with this look like 'did i do that?' hahahaha then she starts over
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I've only had Harry for two months now, and twice he's gotten himself stuck in the handle of a plastic grocery store bag. Once I wasn't home and he eventually got himself out of it. It was the bag that I use to hold recycling stuff (like cat food cans) in the kitchen before taking them down to the garage to put them into the recycling bin. I found cat food cans on the kitchen floor, and the bag itself, plus a couple more cans, under my bed. Obviously Harry got scared by the Bag Monster that was chasing him and he hid under the bed, poor guy.

And he did it again, this time when I was home. I was upstairs and heard a weird noise, I wasn't sure what it was. Turns out, it was the rustling of plastic bags, and he rushed upstairs and hid under the bed, again. This time, I was able to reach under the bed and free him from the Bag Monster (he had gotten his head and one front leg caught in the handle).
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Pan likes to rip a small hole in a paper bag and then....EXPLODE! out of the hole...scared my dog so bad once she peed on the floor (she was a scaredy-cat to begin with, though!).
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