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Poor Missy is sooo Stressed out...

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I dont know what to do for her. I feel horrible and like its my fault because I brought home the kittens. Is there anything besides, spending private time with her, and treating her when she has to deal with two playful kittens... i am at a loss, she seems to be sooooo bothered by it. I dont want her to be unhappy,but i really would like them all to just get along. how do ii teach the kittens to leave her alone?
Please help me or I may have to give up my kittens.
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How about making a place that's fairly hard to get to that Missy can use to escape from the kittens? Adult cats are more coordinated and can jump higher than little kittens can. I'm surprised Missy can't get away from the kittens when she wants to.

As for keeping the kittens from bothering Missy, maybe play with them more and exhaust them sometimes? Kittens can seem like they have boundless energy sometimes, but they I swear, they can be exhausted!
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i tried that, we came to the conclusion, missy needs a break from them at night. so we set up the 2nd bed room jsut for the kittens, i cut apart alot of our moving boxes n built them a play house type deal :P... and they have a litter pan and food n water in there, do u think they will feel abandoned? I mean the kittens, are best buddies, letalone brothers. so they arent alone at night
Is this something i should continue with or no?
*tearing my hair out*
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I think you should continue! It is going to be a stressful situation, but I am sure you can make it work! My husband's family took in many cats and kittens, and though things were always stressful at first, they all settled in soon enough.

Don't worry about putting the kittens in a separate room at night. They will be fine. It sounds like you have provided them with lots of stimulus and all the other necessary things.

I know it is easier said than done, but try not to stress out too much over all this. They are all just getting to know each other. Maybe you could get some Feliway or talk to your vet about ways to ease the process? Or, I know there are lots of posts on her dealing with introductions of resident cats to new kittens...
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i have tabitha, nearly 9, and milo, 14 months, and shinobi, 10 months.

the boys can be pretty full on with tabby sometimes and she will hiss at them when they both chase her. but on the whole they all get on really well. (just look at my sig )

hang in there, and i agree that missy should have somewhere she can go high up to get away from them, although i wouldn't seperate them. tabby does go outside, the boys don't, and it is when she comes in that they will give her the most attention. when they are all in together it's ok.
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there's nothing wrong w/having the kittens in a separate room at night. it won't hurt them at all. also might be a good place to put them if Missy's especially stressed at times.
but a nice, tall cat tree will really help. i know Pixel used ours often to escape from Firefox in those early days. i got it on eBay for $71 - it almost reached the ceiling.
my tall cat tree pic
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I just want to pile on the bandwagon (esp. since I may have accidentally implied that you shouldn't do it) that keeping them separate at night is a wonderful idea. Feel no guilt!
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The only thing with the high place is missy is about 16 lbs and lazy, she doesnt like to jump... so idk if i put any kind of stairs, the kittens will join her lol... im at a loss.. poor ol' girl is pawing at my frount door as if she wants to escape. Not only that but we just moved in here, from my parents,and i think it was tramatic for her... .... ... sometimes i think she misses my other cat that is anti social because of some things that happened be fore i got her. they never played or anything but i think they miss eachother. *sorry bad typing in a hurry and my space bar is kinda messed up* lol
Thanks for all the ideas, i was thinking of making a cat tree myself, been looking up plans n stuff...
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