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Best way to transport our cats

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We are moving and only have a small cage for one cat which is similar to this

i was wondering if i should get another one like this or go for a large one which they can go in together like this:

They are both indoor cats and will becoming outdoor cats so i can imagine they wont like the motorway journey, is it best they are in together or separate?
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Use separate carriers. When I adopted a stray momma and her kittens, I had more cat than carrier. A few vet trips with kittens sharing carriers worked OK, but it wasn't sustainable. In my experience, when stressed, cats can get really aggressive with each other. When I drove across the US with two cats in their own carriers, we couldn't even let them out of the carriers to walk around the car at the same time; they hissed and escalated to yowling when the little space they had seemed to be invaded. Now, I've never had two cats in a carrier attack each other, but I think it's definitely best to avoid that possibility.

You will have an indoor place to keep them for the first few weeks when you arrive at the new home, so they can get used to where they are and don't light out to find home, yes?
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Its far better that each have a carrier. If they are not conditioned to riding together from kittens they usually will fight, and with a confined area and no escape; one could be seriously hurt.

You can face the carriers so they see each other, but please put them in separate carriers for your trip.
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I had a very large carrier that I put a bonded pair of cats in, and they were fine, but now I have carriers for everybody. I have not had to use them all at once, yet, thankfully.
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Mine like sharing carriers far better than riding alone. If yours haven't been in the car much I'd use 2.
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I would use separte carriers unless they are used to riding in cars a lot. Leya pukes if we take for for more than a ten minute drive. Enzo and Stuart do just fine on the other hand.

When we travel we have all three cats in separte carriers. Except Leya, she's blind and freaks out in a carrier. She doesn't move in the car, so it works out ok.
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Ok thanks for all your advice, the trip to the vets will be a warm up to the 20 minute motor way drive they have on Tuesday
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How did the trip to the vet go?
When I moved I put kitty into a hard plastic carrier that was big enough for a litter pan and her bedding and toys/water and food.
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Wow, that sounds like a really big carrier, cococat!

troublesome2, the drive for the move is only about twenty minutes? Don't worry about it! The cats may meow and be upset the entire time (no time to settle down), but that's short enough that they'll be fine almost no matter what, as long as they are safe in carriers. I used to go to a vet that was a 20 minute drive away!
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I think for your cat's comfort, put them in saparate cages so they will have enouth space and they won't be too crowded. Make sure they will have a padded cage, so they will be calm...
Have a safe ride...

You can read some tips in these links:
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
Mine like sharing carriers far better than riding alone. If yours haven't been in the car much I'd use 2. do mine...well atleast Martha and Brazil...Kiira prefers to ride alone.

I would get a solid type of crate too, not a collapsable one, like you are thinking of...a couple of good freak outs and kitty is on the floor, or even clawed out of the crate...not good for the driver!!! They will also feel more secure in a smaller, better enclosed crate.

How come they are going from indoor to outdoors? Just curious...
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Actually, a short trip to the vet won't tell you much about how they'll tolerate a long trip. We used to carry a cat in our truck all the time, and they would fuss going to the vet, but they got along just fine in the truck.
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