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Vibes Please!

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My boy Oreo is at the vet's now with a urinary blockage. They have done a catheter on him but his labs were not good. I should hear from the vet again this afternoon.

Oreo is such a special boy! We call him our Big Buddy because at about 16 lbs he is our largest cat but the most friendly one. He has taken motherless kittens under his wing and taught them everything they needed to know. He makes friends with everyone while still being the top cat.

Please send some HEALING vibes his way.


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Awwww, poor Oreo Sick kitties are so sad.

Sending many healing, healthy vibes and prayers for him
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Hope Oreo is going to be alright Unlimited healing For your sweet boy Oreo
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Sending lots of and Prayers for Oreo.
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Thanks so much. I am just a wreck about this.
My girls (Spaz, Stormy. Chloe and Smokey) have stuck close to me today too. I took a nap (did not sleep well last night waiting to take him in today) and everyone curled up with me.
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Sending warm fuzzy thoughts your way! I hope Oreo is all right!
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Good vibes for Oreo. My boy Wellington had a procedure to unblock him a few months ago and he came through it fine. Make sure you find out from the vet exactly what type of blockage he has, so that you can try and prevent a recurrence - in Wellington's case it was a calcium stone, so now I give all the cats low calcium water.
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I just spoke with the vet and he is resting comfortably. I am so glad that the pain is better. He has the catheter in and if all goes well will be home thursday.

THANKS so much and keep the vibes coming.

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Oreo is doing much better today. I went and spent about 45 minutes with him today at the vets office. He cuddled up to me as best he could (kind of hard with the catheter and e-collar) and purred a little. He did manage to get the catheter out at some point but they put it back and they were going to give him an appetite stimulant. I told them that if he didn't eat to call me and I would come try. After all Mommy does mean food right? They never called so I'm sure he ate.

I want to say THANKS SO MUCH for all the vibes. I read this forum daily but am not a big poster.

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That's wonderful news
I'm so happy to hear that Oreo is doing better.
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Oreo is much, much better!! He is still at the vets because he managed to pull his catheter out so it had to be reinserted and the Dr wanted it to stay in a little while longer.
He will not eat for them but does just fine when I go in. He seems to have figured out that of he doesn't eat Mommy will come to feed Him. I stayed for about 3 hours this afternoon with him. He ate and cuddled up on my lap and slept. They took the catheter out while I was there and if all goes well he will come home tomorrow.
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Oreo is back at home with us! The first thing we did was take his crate to the enclosure to let everyone see him. They all seemed to be getting a little depressed with him gone.
He is doing well but I am watching him like a hawk. If he goes near a litterbox I am right there to watch. (Kind of makes up for the fact that I never get to go by myself) So far everything is normal but we are prepared to make an emergency visit if needed.
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