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I have lived in Surrey, British Columbia my whole life! Aint I an exciting girl!
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Born in: Bronx, NY
Grew up in: Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ
Been stuck for too long in: Tampa, FL
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Originally posted by Deb25
Born in: Bronx, NY
Grew up in: Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ
Been stuck for too long in: Tampa, FL
there is actually a plce called ho-ho-kus?

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Born, Raised, and currently live at my families residence in a small town in PA near the west virginia border.. For a brief period I moved to Pittsburgh with my ex bf when we thought we were getting married, but that never worked out. Moved back in with ma and pops to finish school, and am hoping to move south by july this year =) (Boring life so far but am trying my darndest to make it more exciting)
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
there is actually a plce called ho-ho-kus?

Would I lie about a thing like that? It's in Bergen County, about 20 minutes or so from the George Washington Bridge. It's an Indian name, from the Lenni Lenape tribe. Popuation of about 4000. I HAVE heard it mentioned on Everybody Loves Raymond (the Hackidu episode) and Sex and the City.
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I was born in "Helkijn"
Then "Beveren-Leie", "London" (England!!)
"St.Louis" (Missouri, USA)
"Lochristi" , address nr 1
"Lochristi", nr 2

Most of the towns are in Belgium, so the names are in Dutch!
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This is fun.

Deep River, Ontario (a small town on the Ottawa River half way between Ottawa and North Bay)
Toronto - Mimico, in the west end, and I loved it there.
Burlington, Ontario

Worcester Massachusetts
Morgantown West Virginia

And back home, sort of
Hamilton Ontario.
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Duncannon, PA
University Park, PA (Penn State University main campus)
Blairstown, NJ (one summer when I was a camp counselor)
Lancaster, PA
Farmington Hills, Michigan
Westland, Michigan
Lancaster, PA
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I'm bumping this up....incase anyone hasn't replied to it if that's ok..
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Born: Durango Mexico
Moved to: Long Beach, CA (Lived there age 4 - 15)
Moved to: Norwalk, CA (Lived there age 15 - 19)
Moved to: Long Beach, CA (Moved out of my parents house!!!)
Moved to: San Clemente, CA
Moved to: Orange, CA (Bought my own house!)
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Born in Roswell, GA.
Moved to Oxford, CT when I was 6.
Moved to Danbury, CT when I was 7.
Moved to Alpharetta, GA when I was 8.
Moved to Roswell, GA when I was 9.
Moved to Douglasville, GA when I was 16.
Moved to Atlanta, GA when I was 18 to go to college, and that's where I am today!!

*In May, I'll be moving to an apartment just outside of the city, though! Yay!!!!
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Dothan, Al.
Ft. Benning, Ga.
Ft. Rucker, Al.
Giebelstadt, Germany
Leesville, Louisiana
Hanau, Germany
Savannah, Ga.
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I'm another boring one here.

Born in Columbus, Nebraska.
Moved to Ft. Collins, Colorado when I was 18 months old, lived there until college & still came back for summers.
Went to college in Seward, Nebraska (~35 miles west of Lincoln)
After college I moved to Lakewood, Colorado. Been in 4 different apartments, but still live in Lakewood.
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Galveston, Tx
Patterson, LA
Tallahassee, FLA
Perry, FLA
Springhill, FLA
Woodville, FLA
Charlotte, NC
Houston, TX
West Columbia, TX
San Francisco, CA
Belmont, CA

Currently residing in Mountain View, CA.

s/o and I are looking to get out of CA asap. If only finding a good paying job and relocating were that easy.
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Hmmm...I'm not as 'worldly' as some of you..

Born and raised in a small town in southern Nova Scotia
Moved to Halifax at age 20
Moved back to hometown
Then on to Belleville, Ontario for a while
And back here to my hometown

We're considering a move to Prince Edward Island in the future, but I'll never live outside the Maritime Provinces again.
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Muskegon, MI
Kentwood, MI
Okemos, MI
Williamston, MI
East Lansing, MI
Perry, MI
Grand Rapids, MI
Wyoming, MI
Lansing, MI

((most are all in the greater Lansing area))
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Born and raised in Chicago, IL
Then I moved several different times to Chicago suburbs of
Des Plaines, IL
Hanover Park, IL
Arlington Hts, IL
Schaumburg, IL

and now currently reside in Elgin, IL about 15 miles West of Chicago.
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Originally posted by Cassandra_Starr

s/o and I are looking to get out of CA asap. If only finding a good paying job and relocating were that easy.
Why do you want to move out of CA asap? When I lived in CA, Mountain View and the surrounding area was very nice. I lived in Menlo Park and Sunnyvale.

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Well California taxes horribly, is very crowded, and is soooo expensive!

We are wanting to move some place like Oregon. It's so beautiful there. It actually has seasons and weather too! It rarely rains here and doesn't even get cold enough during the winter to actually have to wear winter clothes, just carry a jacket and you're fine.

California has a lot of benefits as well, but we're ready to live elsewhere.
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OK, Here we go......

I was born in Bellefonte, PA
My family moved to Winnetka, IL when I was 2.
I lived there until I was 18, then...

(in chronological order

Huntington Bay, Long Island (NY)
New York City, NY
San Jose, Costa Rica
Wilmette, IL
Back to Huntington, Long Island for a few...Then
Bangalore, India
Delhi, India
Ajmer, India
Evanston, IL
New York City, NY (again) (1986)
Astoria, NY (in Queens)(1987 - 1994).

Then Gary and I bought the RV and hit the road in 1994. We've travelled around the country three times. Places we've "lived" for longer than a month (many of them several months, a couple of them several months a year for the past 7 years)

(not in order):

Andover, NJ
Elkhart, IN
Marengo, IL
Everett, WA
Dawson Creek, BC
Quesnel, BC
Petaluma, CA
Morgan Hill, CA
Palm Springs, CA
Big Bear, CA (half a year)
Pomona, CA
Apache Junction, AZ
Kerville, TX
Lafayette, LA
Naples, FL (cumulatively several years)
Marietta, GA
Golden, CO
Dillon, MT
Minocqua, WI
Woodruff, WI
Boulder Junctin, WI (cumulatively several years)
Pelican Lake, MN
Absecon, NJ
Gordon, PA

...and for the past two years, we've been parked in....

Blairstown (Hope area), NJ

(I THINK I got them all!)

BTW - it is VERY cool to take your home with you when you move. (At least I think so!)
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I remembered another one!

Newburgh, NY

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