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Where have you lived in your life?

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I am filling out some paperwork today and one of the questions is to list all the places I have lived. I got to thinking how interesting it might be if a thread were started where you list where you have lived, and I wonder if any of us have lived next to each other without even knowing it. This is no way in order because of all the times I have moved, I can't keep the sequence straight:

Oakland, California- Now these are all California-Westminster, Huntington Beach, Stanton, Anaheim Hills, San Diego, Highland,Garden Grove, Newport Beach, Balboa, Costa Mesa, San Juan Capistrano.

Colorado- Aurora

Alaska- Eagle River

Oregon- Willamette Valley hopefully I will only move one more time in my life, but who knows?
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Columbia, Maryland
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Shaker Heights, Ohio
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Christchurch, New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand (2 years of college there)
Hendersonville, North Carolina
Soon to be Fairview, North Carolina
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New Iberia, Louisiana
St. Louis, Missouri
Plains, Montana
Media/Wallingford, PA
Boston, MA
San Francisco, CA
Monterey, CA

Great thread idea!
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Wow Kellye that is a long move. How did you deal with the culture shock when you got to NC?
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Let's see... Born in Tucson, moved to Camp LeJeune (Jacksonville) NC, just before I turned 7. A year later, transferred to Camp Pendleton CA. Six months, after that, back to Tucson, while Daddy was in Vietnam. When he got home, we were shipped to San Diego, for three months and then to Pendleton, for 1 1/2 years. In May '69 - recruiting duty in Tucson. We kids stayed in Tucson, with my mom and stepfather.

In June '88, I moved to Tombstone. Jan. 1 2000, the ex and I moved to Bullhead City AZ. After our split I came home, in June 2001.
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i've never lived outside illinois...

but i've lived in...

1. osco (actually a farm outside osco)
2. cambridge
3. bloomington
4. cambridge
5. kewanee
6. cambridge
7. champaign
8. henry
9. danville
10. catlin
11. cambridge, again
12. farm outside cambridge
13. galva
14. cambridge, yet again
15. rock island
16. you guessed it... cambridge
17. moline


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1)NY, Long Island~ Suffolk co ~ Commack
2)Washington DC N.E.
3)Brighton, MA near Boston
4)Washington DC N.E. *again*
5)Virginia ~ Alexandia -
6)Washington D.C. S.E.
7)New York ~ Fayetteville (under Syracuse)
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Augusta, GA
Thomson, GA
Martinez, GA
Columbus, GA
North Augusta,SC
Clearwater, SC
Beech Island, SC
Charleston, SC
Jacksonville, FL
New Orleans, LA
Fayetteville, NC
Jacksonville, NC
Kansas City, MO
I am now back in Jacksonville, NC for the 3rd time.
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Originally posted by hissy
Wow Kellye that is a long move. How did you deal with the culture shock when you got to NC?
LOL Hissy....

hubby helped me with the culture shock....i still get shocked at some things i.e: NZ police dont carry guns, US do they scared me one time as me and hubby were in the bedroom on the phone and I came out into the living room and there was a girl sitting at the table - she wouldnt leave and got a knife out of the kitchen so i ran over the road and asked the neigbours to call the cops, they were there FAST and with guns - I know they were not there for me, but they scared me!
The US way of life is fast, its so fast that sometimes i cant keep up :LOL: Everyone drives fast, I am sitting in the car with my eyes covered most of the time, especially when an 18 wheeler goes past. They only drive at night in NZ. Time even goes fast here. Theres so many differences.
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Born in Norwood, Massachusetts.

Lived in:
Waltham, Massachusetts
Newton, Massachusetts
Frankfurt Germany
Butzbach Germany
Liederback Germany
Rechtenbach Germany
Zeilsheim Germany
Wareham Massachusetts

Good thread!:rainbow:
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Kendustage - Maine
Kingston - Ontario
Bangor - Maine (more then once)
Hermon - Maine (more then once)
Cuyhoga Falls - Ohio (no residency, but spend weeks here often.)
Springfield - Virginia
Old Town - Maine
Annandale - Virginia
Centreville - Virginia
Westminster - Maryland

I think that's semi in order.
I'm not done yet, there's lots of places I want to live, defeintly want to move out of this down in Maryland!
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Krazy kat, why would ANYBODY go back, to Jacksonville, willingly? I didn't have any choice, at 7 y/o.
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lol has ANYONE lived in the same home all of their life?
Or at least where they grew up with their rents, and then their own ONE home as an adult?
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Kellye don't feel bad. After I lived in Alaska for 7 years, I went back to Southern California to visit family and friends. I got on the 405 freeway (something I had done my entire driving life) and got totally freaked at the fact that i had to do 85 mph or get run over! I pulled off the exchange and shook for a few minutes before I could continue on.
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I have only lived in NJ! thats it!
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I have always lived around Toronto, Ontario.

*The first 20 years of my life I lived with the family in Scarborough, just east of Toronto.

*Then spent 3 years in the university dorm & student housing in downtown Toronto.

*After school I rented for one year in the west end of Toronto.

*Then I purchased a condo in downtown Toronto and stayed there for 5 years.

*Now I live in a house, purchased last summer.

As you can tell, I'm very knowledgable about Toronto! If you are ever visiting, I can answer almost any question!

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born in Comox, BC
Lived in North Bay Ontario for five years
Moved to victoria for 10? years
Tried Toronto for three days (Never again!)
Lived in Calgary for 4 months (very cool)
Moved back to victoria (missed the mountains and ocean)
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Here it goes: Williamstown, MA
(summers) Babcock Lake, NY
Hackettstown , NJ
Staunton, VA
Seminole, FL
Boca Raton, FL
Tallahassee, FL
Fort Lauderdale, FL
West Palm Beach, FL
Mount Dora, FL
Leesburg, FL

Thats all so far!!
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Originally posted by AngelzOO
lol has ANYONE lived in the same home all of their life?
Or at least where they grew up with their rents, and then their own ONE home as an adult?
I have, sorta. Columbia is where I lived from birth (coming home from hospital) until I was 22. New Brunswick is where I went to college. I moved to Cleveland in 1993 and have lived in the same apartment building the whole time. In 96 I moved to a larger apartment down the hall, and I'm still there.
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Originally posted by Tamme
Tried Toronto for three days (Never again!)
So I guess I should get a medal for living in downtown Toronto for close to 8 years!


If I could, I'd be moving to the coast just like you!

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Saybrook PA [born]
Sheffield PA
Kane PA
Corry PA
Fort Knox KY [Army]
Killeann TX [Army]
Fort Polk LA [Army]
Frewsburg NY
Falconer NY
Kennedy NY
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Trust me katl8e, I came back kicking and screaming, I hate it here! But, this is where we can make a decent living. It has improved some in 10 years since I moved here the first time. Another 50 years and it might be a real town. On second thought, nah, it's still going to be a former swamp! I really loved Kansas City, but it just didn't work out there.
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I have been fairly boring in my life time

Mount Isa, Queensland
Cairns, Queensland
Weipa, Queensland
Cairns, Queendland

Not very adventurous, have travelled a bit on hols though.
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I've always lived in this area. When I was born my family lived in Jansen Nebraska (population 200) and lived there until I was 15. We then moved "into town" aka Fairbury Nebraska which is only 6 miles from Jansen. When I turned 20, I moved out on my own and into a apartment that was approx. 10 blocks from my parents. Eventually after 3 years and 1 bad relationship, I moved back home with my folks and have been here for 3 years. I feel bad that I still live with my parents since I'm almost 26 years old, but I can not do it financially right now. Plus I get along with my folks really well and they don't mind me living here. I help them out too...I pay them for my stay and help buy groceries & etc. So in the long run, it helps them save money and me too!
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Metuchen, NJ
Gettysburg, PA (One yr of college)
South Plainfield, NJ
Edison, NJ
Philadelphia, PA (Northern Liberties)
Philadelphia, PA (Roxborough)
Abington, PA
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Well, apart from all the traweling:

1. ReykjavÃ:censor:k, Iceland
2. Kópavogur, Iceland - the second largest town in Iceland, next to ReykjavÃ:censor:k, and completely close to ReykjavÃ:censor:k, like a suburb, but its still an independat town.
3. Barmen, Norway (A tiny island)
4. Kópavogur, Iceland
5. Hannover, Germany
6. Kópavogur, Iceland (I always return...)
7. Menlo Park, California
8. Sunnyvale, California
9. Kópavogur, Iceland
10. ReykjavÃ:censor:k, Iceland
11. Kópavogur, Iceland
12. Edinburgh, Scotland
13. ReykjavÃ:censor:k, Iceland
14. Kópavogur, Iceland
15. ReykjavÃ:censor:k, Iceland, in my own flat, finally!

I see now thats I have been moving back and forth between ReykjavÃ:censor:k and Kópavogur, I even left out some!

But, as for someone always living in the same place, my "man" - to whom I am not married (what do you call those??? In Iceland you first live together, usually have children, and THEN get married! (or split up!) - he lived in THE SAME HOUSE from his birth, and untill he moved in with me!!!!

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I have always lived in Minnesota
Born in Mankato and also lived in:
Jordan (moved a couple of times while living here)
Albert Lea
Rochester (several moves to different apartments here)

Very boring...my mom never wanted to move. If my dad could have done things his way, we would have moved more often.

I haven't moved much as an adult either. I must be taking after my mother.
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We call those guys "significant others." I have had mine for 18 years, I would feel really silly calling him my boyfriend.
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
So I guess I should get a medal for living in downtown Toronto for close to 8 years!


If I could, I'd be moving to the coast just like you!

You should get a medal!! LOL

We went to move there and stay with friends until Darrell and I found a place of our own, but after three days our friends' girlfriend "asked" us to go stay in a hostel until we found a place. YA! after 73 hours on a bus to go see them! with four hockey bags full of our junk and three back packs. So we picked up our stuff and rented a car and went to North Bay, where my family lives and stayed with them until we could get our plane 2 weeks later. Can you believe it??? a hostel?? in Toronto!!! We were in Cabbage town...er I guess it's Boys town now? or is it the other way around? Basically the gay community. Bums were peeing on the walls, the roads were extremely dirty (we have street washing machines here that wash and scrub the street every day) and there were XXX stores everywhere! Oh well, I figured you could get yourself a nice small little area where everything is around you and you wouldn't have to explore the city too much, but I guess that's not possible. I think I'm a small town girl at heart, never actually thought I was though...
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