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Question of the Day - April 29th!

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When do you feel the best or most energetic during the day?

I usually feel the best in the early mornings, the earlier I get up and start my day the more energy I seem to have.
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probably 7-9 at night, then i crash
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Early morning. I get all my house cleaning, bed changing, clothes washing done first thing. At night I want to come home to a clean house and with the exception of cooking dinner, I just want to relax.
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I'd say in the morning
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And hour after I wake up and then again after sunset.
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Usually late afternoon/right after work around 5PM, around 7PM though I'm done for the day!
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around 9 to 11 am during all days!.....and around 7 and 9 pm again!...
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Usually in the afternoons. If I'm staying up late I get a second wind, but I usually go to bed before that happens.
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In the morning, that's the only time I can clean house!
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Morning for me too! I am a morning person..I crash at night time fairly early normally. If I don't crash early I start to get grumpy
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Afternoons for me Never have been a morning person...
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I am always tired from Anemia.
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Never really been much of a morning person, so from about 11A.M. to 4or5 I am great, then I have a slump until about 7 then am good until around 11or 12...Luckily I have a job that perfectly fits my peak periods and can finish up paperwork at home later in the evening if I want to...
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The earlier I wake up, the more energy I seem to Lunchtime (which is about 12:30-1:00pm for me) I'm pooped!
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I get up every morning at 4-ish am. My work day starts at 6:30, and I'm pretty good all day. About 2 pm I start to fade pretty fast! I get my second wind when I exercise after work, but I'm ready to hit the sheets (and be dead to the world) by 9 pm.
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hehe, am a night owl LOL! i seem to have load's of energy at night!
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