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Still no kittens...

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She lost what appeared to be her plug on the 26th. It was sticky and gooey. Stuck to her fur so I had to clean it off for her. I have actual video of her kittens "moving" around in her belly on April 15th, you can actually see it. They were moving BEFORE that, as well. Everywhere I read, 14 days or so from the point you can FEEL them. I've been "seeing" them since the 14th - 15th. lol.

She has milk, and her boobs hang, her belly is also hanging now. I am SOOOO impatient!!!!
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she is getting contractions.... about every 4 - 5 min or so. It gets hard, and it gets into a solid bump near her ribs... WOOHOO!!!

This may be it.
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Anything yet!?!
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nooooooooope. I have no idea what to think. Early labor?? - She is contracting, just not lots. So... Who knows. How did your cats feel when they got contractions?
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Sounds like Labor Started.
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yeah, I called the vet and they told me that its early labor, and that is possible that she is not happy with my kids running around the house so she may be prolonging it. They told me not to worry cause that is normal. They said that if she has a kitten, and then holds the rest in then worry, but since she has not had any... no worries.

I should have kittens by tonight, or by nap time when the kids are asleep, hehe.... She is not "wet" down there tho, just contractions. When she gets them she moves around unhappy.
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Alright - She is panting and trying to push.... We'll have kittens any time now, WOOO!!!
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alright - So far we have 5 kittens!!!!

First out was the greyish stripe, second out was the light orange, 3rd out was a dark orange, 4th out another dark orange, and now a black.... I feel another moving around in her, so we have a 6th awaiting birth... EVERYTHING has gone very smooth!
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