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Daily Thread Tues April 29th!

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Moooooooooooooooorning my friends!

4 More days!!!

Welp, we are chilly and sunny today..only 9 degrees. I just hope it gets warmer for my trip!

Not much going on today..I think I am going out for coffee with my boss. After work I'll be heading to the gym...thats about it!

I hope you all have a lovely day!
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I have to go get some blood tests that I took Friday over again today, then we're going to go vote at the library, maybe go to Lewis Farms, which is our local Strawberry Farm, then grocery shopping, and MERRY MAIDS is supposedly coming over to clean out our gardening shed. Nice here today.
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Its a cool one this morning temps were 30F at 6 am and there was frost on the roof. The tulip and daffodil foliage was froze too. Hope that didn't damage the flowers.

Have several quick stops today then a meeting about a possible business relationship this afternoon.

Have a good day!!
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Lovely and sunny here today which means it'll be a little hot house in the conservatory tonight
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Morning All!!!!

Sunny but very chilly here this morning, this is what I get for putting my heavier jacket away to early. I could certainly use it this morning.

Heading off to work shortly, then to Walmart, the drugstore and pet store afterwards..

Then home, dinner and couch time..

The kitties are good this morning, Sassy and Linus are napping but Pixie is in full hunting mood, she seems to think there is something lurking under the armchair. Silly girl..

Everyone have a good day
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