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I went to put away my laptop last night in it's usual spot at the end of my bed and in between the cabinet with my dvd player on, as I lowered it down to the floor I heard a loud squeak.....

It was only Arwen sleeping down in the gap, and I accidentally squished her!

I did try and shower her with cuddles and kisses, but all she wanted to do was show her butt to me I did get her forgiveness after about half an hour or so when she came and head butted my nose when I was reading..

Yay! All is well again
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Is the laptop ok though?

Poor Arwen, just trying to get some R&R and a laptop gets set on her
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Owww bless her. Cats are such drama queens though - rather like small children. EG when a child falls over, they scream and limp like it's the worst injury ever. Whenever you accidentally stand/sit on a cat, you'd swear they were being tortured! The yelps! My my.
I'm sure Arwen's forgotten all about it now - I'd like to say that maybe it has taught her a lesson in where to hide, but I sincerely doubt it
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ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol yyyyyyyeah funny poor kitty! i'm going to get out my little violin and play sad songs!
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Oh no! Even though they are drama queens, they really do forgive us our transgressions so quickly!
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