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Abandoned Kittens, Please Help

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On Friday, a stray cat had 6 kittens in our barn. We tried not to disturb her and did not touch the kittens. By Saturday morning, she had moved 4 of the kittens and left the other 2. She never came back for the other 2 so my husband and I took them in.

Two years ago, we found 2 abandoned kittens in the creek by our house. They were approximately 2-3 weeks old. We successfully took care of them and they are now healthy 2 year olds.

However, these little ones eyes are closed and the umbillical is still attached. I have been bottle feeding them, they both have a healthy appetite. I have secluded them from the other cats and dogs and they are being kept in a clean dry box with a hot water bottle and towels. I burp them and use a cotton ball after feeding to make them potty. I also clean them with a slightly damp towel after feedings to keep them clean.

Does anyone have any advise? I know they are delicate and can take a turn for the worse rather quickly. They seem to have a good appetite, potty well (urine and feces are normal color) only cry when hungry, and their skin has good elasticity. Any advise would be greatly welcome such as when should they go to the vet, when will their eyes open, etc.

Thank you!
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I'd take them to the vet asap. Their eyes begin to open around week 2-ish.

Sounds like you are doing most everything right. I think you may need to feed them more than when they cry though. When feeding, hold the kittens UPRIGHT. Do not do it laying down.

They will need to eat 1.1 oz of formula a day, divided into 9 - 12 feedings a day, most times around the clock at their age.
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Hello, I took two orphaned kittens in like this three weeks ago (they are doing well). It sounds as though you are doing the job correctly. I fed mine every 3-4 hours (6-7 times a day including over night) when they were newborns. Always make sure you keep your hands, equipment and the kittens (everything they come into contact with) immaculately clean, buy some alcohol hand sanitizer and boil all of your feeding equipment for five minutes before use to sterilize.
I assume you are feeding them kitten formula (available from the vet). If you feed them cow's milk, they will starve as it doesn't contain enough fat or protein.
I found that my babies got dry skin from all the washing etc, so make sure you dry them well after cleaning them (others may say this is wrong but I have been using Baby moisturiser to help with cleaning and to keep their skin smooth which has worked a treat, it is good because creams will get any dried on dirt off easily without much rubbing) When cleaning them I have one pot of warm water for the face and a separate pot for the nasty end... I clean both of their faces first before cleaning any bottoms to minimise cross infection.
If you keep them as clean as humanly possible, and feed them up, they should have a good chance of survival. Although nature will have it her way.

I personally haven't taken mine to the vet yet, I was concerned about introducing infection unnecessarily while they were so vulnerable (they received no colostrum from their mother at all as she died during the birth). I'm not confident as to the hygiene at my Indonesian vets (the care is good though) also, my only method of transporting them would be on moped, not ideal for tiny babies. Obviously if they had appeared unwell at any point I would have taken them regardless.

These are the first two kittens I have raised by hand so I'm no expert, but feel free to PM me if you think I may be able to help with something.

Good Luck, and I really hope your tinies flourish under your care.
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Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job and are well researched!

I'd venture to guess the kittens are still in their first week, early week, since their umbilical cord is still attached. Here is a helpful link:

orphaned kitties- bottle babies www.kitten-rescue.com Written and run by resident TCSers.

I agree with the other poster about not taking them to the vet just yet as long as they seem healthy so not to introduce anything to their compromised immunity. They dont have shots or mother's milk to protect them, and are very susceptible to the nasties floating around at the vets.

This is one of the reasons shelters foster their kittens out to protect them from the diseases prone to kennel life.

Good luck with your two little guys! If you get a chance, we love pictures around here! Good luck again!!! And welcome to TCS!
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I don't see any need to take them to the vet asap. You are doing everything you can and you seem to know what they are doing. Unless there are any issues I would NOT take them to the vet until they are 6 or so weeks for their first vaccines. Taking them now exposes them to so many germs and possible disease, plus the vet isn't going to be much help since there is no problem and you know what you are doing
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It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job . I fed my bottle baby every three hours. until she was four weeks old.
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