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i punched him!

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At some point early this morning I woke up with a start to find my bf's face looking directly at mine. Like i was sleeping on my back and when i woke up his face was above mine looking at me. Without thinking I punched him in the jaw! I am not talking lightly either, im talking like a brain rattling punch! I guess we had both been dreaming or something, cause he dont remember anything except getting punched! I felt so bad, i wanted to cry. I still feel bad, i just cant believe i punched him like that. All i really remember was waking up the split second my fist met his face. It was really wierd, had his jaw not been red when i fully woke up i probably wouldnt have believed it.
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hehehe my DH and I did something like that not too long ago either! I was still more or less asleep and trying to get him to roll over because he was snoring. Just as I shoved him, he opened his eyes and smacked me in the face - needless to say I woke up fairly quickly and screamed, frightening him so badly he felll out of bed, clonking his head on the bedside table!! It's very funny now, but fairly scary at the time and boy did we feel bad! It's ok though hun, he knows you didn't mean to and you know that you didn't mean to - so it's perfectly forgivable! You're bound to see the funny side in not very long!
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lol, he said if he ever needs to wake me up he is gonna stay out of my reach! he fell right back to sleep after i hit him, i stayed awake a while trying to figure out exactly what had happened and why i punched him. i dont remember what i was dreaming, so i dont know if it was that or just instant reaction to having someone staring at me in my sleep. either way i just hope he really believes i didnt do it on purpose
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its happen to me also twice.
once the wife took a flying screaming leap on top of me how i was slepping,(this was after i told her never to scare me, as i hit first and ask questions later) so she got knocked accross the room.
OF course i felt bad about it,,

but did she learn nooooooooooo, once i again i was sleeping and she grabbed my big toe. (at that time i had a ingrowen toenail on that toe, and it HURT) so without thinking i kicked out, hit her right in the stomach...knocking her breath out.

i think she learned after that, now if she needs to wake me up, she just yells at me

oh by the way she loves to tell people about how i beat her up
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My dh's friend came into my room one night and tried to wake me up by touching my leg. Boy was that the wrong thing to do, I tend to swing at thinngs if I'm not expecting something on me, and I nailed him right in the stomach knocking him into the closet door taking his breath away. It turned out that all he wanted was to tell me dh was drunk and passed out on the floor so I wouldn't step on him. (this was after a bachelor party) Nice place to put him huh? Oh well, he stayed there the whole night and I was NOT a happy camper about being unexpectedly awakened at 2 in the morning. So dh heard all about it the next day. He called his friend and asked if he was ok, well it turned out that his stomach hurt really bad on top of his hangover. So dh told him what happened and he never came into the bedroom to tell me anything again, he'd just yell from the doorway.
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My ex, Ian, and I used to beat each other up all the time in our sleep haha... it's kinda hard to share a twin bed in a small college apartment: 2 people and a 15 pound cat haha.... he'd also say some really weird/random stuff in his sleep haha
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My fiance suffers from a disorder called REM Behavior Disorder..... LET ME TELL YOU I'm constantly getting beat up in my sleep! If he's not hitting me he's screaming and yelling LOL The other night he called Chestnut in his sleep... which woke me up, and of corse Chestnut came as called... to which Jon woke up w/ cat on him and was like, "get the hell off me I'm sleeping" lol so I played with Chestnut since his daddy was mean and called him in the middle of the night for nothing.

Moral of the story... these things happen don't worry about it
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Awww I'm sure he'll be fine..

I talk in my sleep and sometimes do weird things. It should be interesting when Josh and I get married..apparently he is an active sleeper too. We might just end up beating eachother up in our sleep.
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Sad to say it but i beat up my guy at least once every two weeks. Even if we don’t remember it he will have a "mysterious" bruise or scratch. Even my cats stay away from me. Capone sleeps on my pillow and Bugsy sleeps between my guys knees lol. Maybe I have R.E.M disorder… should look it up lol. I sleep walk and sleep talk all the time. Along with the fact that I am usually dreaming about Zombies (ya….zombies) or some other stupid horror thing I’m usually not being quiet or gentle lol my poor guys.
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I tend to enjoy my dreams about zombies and other boogiemen! Then again I like horror movies

I have never actually hit DH in my sleep but there are times I'll wake up punching or biting my pillow. Waking up with a man's face in yours would be a startle for anyone, especially in this day and age.
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lol - I remember this one time I accidently elbowed my ex in the eye when we were sleeping. I was dreaming or something and whapped him with my elbow and he had a black eye for a few days.
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I have a friend who beats her husband up in her sleep...and he does the same to her. She even stood up on the bed and flopped down on top of him once... poor guy! Her brother was DH's roommate for a while. He used to lock himself in his bedroom because he would sleepwalk so often. Not only that but do so many things in his sleep...he was liable to be in the lake down the road! Worst thing he ever did here was rip the curtains off the wall.

One of my old co-worker's said she can't touch her husband at all when he is asleep.
Even on accident. He was in Vietnam and it's left over from that.
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Yikes, sounds like there are a few violent sleepers here ha ha!

I tend to sleep like the dead usually so I have rarely smacked someone while sleeping with them. I just tend to follow them around the bed and cuddle up to them.

My sister on the other hand, when we shared a room she had a habit of talking in her sleep and she used to yell at me all the time getting me in trouble!
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hehe anyone and everyone knows better than to touch me while Im sleeping! I wake up swinging and someone always gets hurt! My DH is bad too, he sleeps through everything including whacking me in the face! I feel bad for him some nights though, he snores so loud sometimes Ill smack him just for the fun of it! The one night he slept through me punching him some 4 times! I was mad because shaking didn't wake him up nor yelling so I started punching him in the arm! He didn't move a muscle! One night I intentionally kicked him off the bed so he would stop snoring!!
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i had a friend who woke up one night in the kitchen, sitting bare-a$$ naked, peeing in a potted plant. Worst part about it, her teenaged son had friends staying over, the boys had sat up playing video games, and saw the whole thing from the next room.

I think i would have nearly choked all of them for not at least trying to wake me up!
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Funny, Been there done that.

I woke up with a black eye and neither of us could remember how we managed such a feat. I am thinking maybe just an elbow bump to the face? I must sleep like a rock.
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Peeing in a plant!!! Ha
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