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Ahh! Bees?!

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Here's something I've been kind of secretly worrying about but have been too embarrassed to bring it up. With summer coming up, I like to bring my kitties outside with their harnesses to enjoy the good weather. Shermie is very playful and likes to pounce on bugs in the grass. Sometimes I worry that he's pouncing on bees in the clover. I realize that he could get stung by bees, but what if he tries to eat them? Will they sting him? Will I have to rush him to the emergency vet or anything? I really want to avoid emergencies with this, but I'd also like to know if I should be paranoid or something! Thanks.

I do want to thank everyone for all their advice and more it's more important to know that some weird things are actually pretty common.
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I'm just assuming here, but I suspect that a bee sting on a cat's mouth would be much like a bee sting on your mouth; really painful, really annoying, but unless you are seriously allergic, not a big deal.

I also assume it happens fairly often, so maybe someone who's seen a cat with an oral bee sting can give you more information, because I'm making this all up!
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I know that if a wasp got in our house in Arkansas, Wickett would chase it, but Truman would hide. If I killed the wasp and held it out for them to smell, Wickett would swat at it, but Truman would squint up his eyes and back off.

I would guess Truman had an experience at some point.
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