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Getting more whiskers

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Rocky has more whiskers now than he did when we brought him home...most of them are white but he has developed a few black new ones too...is this normal?
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my guys have a few that are black and then fade to white. I think it is normal. My vet said sometimes when they are nervous and groom alot they can break them. So maybe your kitty had some broken one and now they are growing back.
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Oh that's interesting.. I remember when Jude was kitten and has white whiskers. Once he gets older (2 years old) his whisker turned into black. i thought it has something to do with his father or mama who have black whiskers.. I have no idea why jude has black whiskers now.
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Jules has always had multicolored whiskers

He is an orange boy, and has some whiskers that are white, some that are black. Not sure why this is, but it sure is cute!
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It is perfectly normal. As the cat grows, so will his whiskers, because if you measure them across you will see they are as wide as the cat's body. This serves the purpose of when the cat is being pursued and wants to escape down a hole, it his whiskers don't fit down that hole, then the cat knows- it won't either. If you cat is ill the whiskers well shrivel up and break off- and when new whiskers grow often times they are different colors than the original set.

Your whisker lecture cheerfully brought to you by hissy- pack-rat of odd facts about cats!
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Asim's and Isha's wiskers are black and white on some, and just white on the others, tages are all black and they've always been this way.

Their wiskers fall out now and again only one at a time, it's no big deal, and they do grow back in. Just don't want a bunch of them breaking or falling out all at one time.
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