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bad to feed cat cold food?

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I was reading this article

posted on this site and started to worry if I am doing something bad to my kitties. I am wondering if anyone knows the reason why we ought not feed our cats cold cat food straight from the fridge (the article suggests we never do this). Is it bad for them to eat cold food?
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I've never really heard of a reason not to feed it cold if the cat will eat it that way.. A lot of cats won't eat it cold, or they might like it better warmed. I could be missing something.. but I don't think there's any reason you can't.
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they aren't as likely to eat cold food, because it doesn't smell as strongly.
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Cold food often causes vomiting.
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Some cats have sensitive stomachs and will vomit if the food is cold. Fortunately, my boys do not and I think they'd eat me if I made them wait another few seconds for the food on some mornings.
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That's interesting, I'd never heard of that...
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Yeah, if your cats are fine with it, I don't really think it is too much of a problem! My husband's family cats were always fed one meal from the fridge (cans would be stored there after the morning feed) and though Spike used to grumble sometimes, he always ate it all!
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Popsie doesn't mind eating cold food.
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It's never been an issue with either of my cats. They want the food *now* room temperature or cold!
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There's no risk to eating cold food. If the cat doesn't like it cold, he'll wait until it's room temperature.
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My cat eats canned food out of the fridge. I do add water to all
her wet meals, and that is room bottled water. She always
checks it out, has a few licks, walks away normally, come back
in 5-10 mins and eats it up. So I think she knows it will warm up
shortly. I do notice if she eats something cold, she will shake her
head. She doesn't seem to care for heated up food, so I dont bother.
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Originally Posted by Ms.Blackie View Post
She doesn't seem to care for heated up food, so I dont bother.
Yeah, I've tried heating up food as well and my cat sniffed it and walked away!
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I'm getting the impression that it is okay then, to feed cats cold food so long as they are willing to take it and are not getting ill from it? I've been giving my cats cold food for nearly half their meals for all the time I've had them and have not noticed any obvious consequences.
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