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Cleo is missing!

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My indoor only cat got out. My ex came over and left the door open. All three got out but two came back. Cleo has been missing for 3 hours and we can't find him. I am heartbroken and upset. The neighbor said he came into his house and then he put him on his porch. Now it is dark and he is still missing.
I am convinced he will never come back.
This is a new place we are living in and he is totally unfamiliar with this setting.

Please send vibes and everything you can muster for my baby boy.
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Go outside with a flashlight and shine it around, it's much easier to find them that way because their eyes flash. Sometimes calling helps, or shaking the food bag or banging a spoon against a cat food can.
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
Go outside with a flashlight and shine it around, it's much easier to find them that way because their eyes flash. Sometimes calling helps, or shaking the food bag or banging a spoon against a cat food can.
Sending major prayers and vibes
If you are calling,keep any kind of panic out of your voice.. (I know, much easier than than done) Also, put a litter box outside so he can recognize his own scent. He may be laying quietly, not willing to attract predators; since night is upon you, that is his safest way to be....
Once, JC got out and was missing for 6 days & 5 nights before we found him on the 6th evening, happily hunting alongside a creek
I still shudder, thinking of that awful time - I was sick to my stomach every morning that he was missing....
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I had a similar experience a few months ago with my kitty. Put some tuna on your porch and his bedding (or something that smells familiar).

If he is not back by morning, put signs up all over your neighborhood. I also went door to door with my cat's picture so all the neighbors would be looking out for her. If you have any kids in your neighborhood, have them help...they love to search for missing pets.

BTW in my case, none of my efforts worked...but the cat came back on her own. They are smarter and more self sufficient than we realize.

I know exactly how you feel. I was in a constant state of panic and was sure I'd never see my cat again. It's an awful feeling. Hang in there. Cleo's probably out exploring and will come back when he's ready.

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I hope so. I will do everything you all recommended.

I am so sad. My eyes are so puffy from crying.
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It's really hard, but try to stay calm... and if you do see him, don't run up, walk slowly and speak calmly and sweetly - call his name and any other usual things you say to him... Ollie's only gotten out twice and was quickly wrangled in, but when I lose him in the house, shaking a cookie bag brings him out... I can only imagine how you're feeling - I really hope he comes home soon!
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Maybe go outside and shake a bowl of food around?
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Thanks my friends. It means so much to me.
This may sound extreme but I called my ex over and we are going to camp outside in the yard with cans of tuna. He is taking off from work and we are going to post posters, hand them out in the neighborhood, keep looking,,,
There was a sighting by someone who saw him with a white cat. I saw the white cat and he looks like Seldon his brother. I sprinkled his litter all over the yard. I will leave lights on.
Then I will pray. After I had cancer we brought the boys home. I had lost my ability to have anymore children and the kittens healed so much of my pain. We have been through so much together.
My baby boy...the other cats are upset and crying a little.

I am trying to be calm. My daughter wants to stay home on a cleo hunt tomorrow. She is so optimistic. Such a sweet girl.

I don't plan to sleep much. I plan to stay out looking.
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Your vibes worked!!!!

I just posted the last response and my ex heard a sound. He crawled under the house and found him. He smells like pee but he is home.
First thing he did was poop on the floor.
Oh my sweet boy is home.
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Oh thank goodness, I am so glad!!! Yay!!!!
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I love a happy ending!!

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So glad kitty is back!
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Yay! Congrats!

Looks like the outside literally scared the poop out of him! My ex did that to Oliver once haha... Ollie had been on the way to the litter box (unbeknownst to the bf) and Ian went to pick him up for a snuggle - Oliver peed all over him then dashed behind the water heater and pooed hahaha
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Awesome! I'm so glad, and hopefully you got some sleep!
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I'm so glad everything turned out ok!!!!! How excrutiating!!!
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