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Tea tree oil and Lorelei

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ARGH! I gave Lorelei a bath tonight with this shampoo after I talked to the groomer at Petsmart to make *absolutely sure* it would be safe for my cat.

Now I'm reading all kinds of stuff about tea tree oil that has me really worried. I mean, I rinsed her through and through in the tub, then I through on a moisterizing shampoo (also at the groomer's suggestion) and rinsed *that* out again and again...but now I'm terrified that it might not be enough.

This was about 3 hours ago...she's looking okay...but of course she groomed herself dry.

I'm really worried that I did something bad to my cat without even knowing.
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You made sure that she didn't accidentally get any soap or soapy water in her mouth?

At this point, just keep a very, very close eye on her, and if she starts acting lethargic, or off her food, get her to the vet.

that everything is OK...sounds like you did a really good job of making sure it was all off and out of her fur.
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Right now I'm just really glad they told me to follow it up with something else...I can't smell anything else on her...and the shampoo was really diluted...

ARGH! I'm going bonkers! The whole reason I used a shampoo at all was because she was licking herself raw but she can't have another cortisone shot this close together...I just wanted her to feel better without hurting her

She's certainly run her usual laps around the house at this hour...I think I'm going to be keeping myself up at night for this...
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Well she seemed like herself this morning. She scarfed her food, chased Carter, hopped all over me in bed...the usual. Probably wondered why I kept springing out of bed and checking on her.
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I advise you inform the groomer that okayed this stuff that cats and Tea-tree do not mix, before someone's cats actually does get sick or worse.

I have had an overgroomer, I feel your pain.
If she is between her shots, and if her raw spots are in areas that allow it, get some newborn baby t-shirts to put on her to cover them up, enough t-shirts to change every day.
This worked out well for mine.
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