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Dachshund Racing. *Sappy Cuteness Warning*

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Some pics from Wiener Dog races. Cuteness warning applies.
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Awww, that is so cute! Thanks for sharing!
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You're welcome.

It looks the dogs and owners are having a blast.
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What a happy bunch of dogs, except for the one in the wig- she looks like she's grumbling to herself, "Aw, I don't get no respect". Weiner dogs can be so much fun - my folks have had 2 and they are such little troopers
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Cute! I love dachshunds!
Looks like they had a blast!
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Ohmigosh. I love dachshunds. I had one growing up. Fritz. If I could have a dog, it'd definitely be a dachshund.

Look at those cute little rascals, ears flying out, little bodies off the ground.

I just love 'em!!!
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Awww.. im not much of a small dog person but i have to say.. those are some adorable dogs!!!!
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Awwww they were so sweet!. For having little legs they can really take off!
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That was the cutest thing!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
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I see that was in Buda, which is a southern suburb of Austin (sort of). I go through there all the time.
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