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Do your cats hate the vet?

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Rocky my older cat absolutely hates going in...I changed them to a different vet who only sees cats and only cats....they even said they would give him a relaxer before his appointment getting his nails trimmed tomorrow....as you all know, I am not brave enough to trim their nails...they do get trimmed often though, but last week, when I took both of the kitties in, she got some shots, and he just was getting weighed, and boy oh boy, he growled and hissed the entire time....I felt so bad after that...why does he hate it so much I am wondering....he will hide in his carrier and will not come out,,the vet has to reach in a get him very carefully because he always tries to bite.....he is normally a gentle affectionate cat...I just don't understand what it is about the vet...
edited to add something

the lady I talked to said sometimes they sedate cats who act in the way Rocky has before...this is a new vet I am taking him too, and I may do this so he can at least relax....has anyone ever sedated their cats before taking them in?

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my cats don't mind too much. when they were kittens the vet had a hard time liston to there hear and breathing because every time he touched them they would start purring really lound :LOL:
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My girls don't mind the vet either. It is really the car ride to the vet that gets them upset. Once we are there, they are fine. They crouch a bit when the Dr. is examining them to them and the occasional cry or hiss, but so far nothing major. Except when Marbles had her anal glands expressed, then there was some loud screams of disapproval, but that is the only time she has really reacted. I hate the car ride though . It is so sad.
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my guys don't like the car ride either. they sing the whole way there
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They dislike being in the cage and didn't like riding in the car. They also don't want to come in the vet as well. All they want to be at home!
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Enya doesn't like vets since we spent the first 2 weeks after she came to live with us taking her to the vet. She had distemper and got sub Q fluids every day for 10 days and had a few other things done to her along the course of that illness. So I think she has a right to not like them.
We haven't had Blaze in to a vet yet, so I don't know how he reacts.
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My kitties don't like the car ride to the vet, but once they get there, they're pretty good (but a little scared).

My last cat (who passed away a couple of years ago) had a major problem going to the vet. It got so bad, the vet said we would have to sedate her too. I didn't want to do that, so I found a vet who made house calls. She still didn't like it, but it wasn't the extreme reaction she had when going to the vet office. My mobile vet (that was what he called himself) wasn't really that much more expensive than the regular vet. She continued seeing him until she died.
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Our cat is so bad that he gets an appointment with two vets each time, and the assistants get to take a break - all this just for his booster shots. He hisses, bites, scratches and sprays out of his anal glands like a skunk. Two people have to hold him (always with long sleeves, gloves, and protective goggles) while the third examines him. This started right after he was neutered. The vets have never suggested sedatives, though, and don't charge extra, though they'd certainly be entitled to.
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Snowball is normally a very mellow affectionate cat. He becomes completely terrified when he needs to be seen by the vet. He cries on the way to the vet clinic, and once we get there he is almost howling. Once he is in the exam room, he faces the back of his carrier and has to be pulled out by the vet. On the exam table he is almost petrified with fright and clings to the table as much as he can, and his eyes are fully dilated. Once he is back home he's fine. I think I will ask if he can have something that will help calm him down when it's time for his next appointment.
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Peppurr pees on me EVERYTIME I take him to the vet! All the other cats are fine. Hercules travels with me everyday. I take him to PetSmart, he's the Store Mascot! All of the staff ladies go nuts when I bring him in! He loves everyone! Him and his sister Xena were Employees Of The Month at PetSmart in February!
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There are a lot of stress smells when you take your cat to the vet, and they pick it up right away and begin to get upset, scared, they can pee in their carriers, stress shed, bite, hiss, scratch. I take my cats before they go in the door, and put a small dab of vanilla extract right under their nose, and this helps to neutralize the smells they get hit with when they go. I also make sure after every trip to wash the carrier out well, launder the bedding and sprinkle the interior with baking soda (after it dries that is)

I leave carriers out in the house all the time, I prop open the doors and cover the carriers with towels or blankets. Many of my cats sleep in them freely and willingly. I also spray the inside of a few with catnip spray and let that dry then toss toys inside for the cats to go in and play with, but unless they are being transported, the doors of the carrier stay open.
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Kitty absolutely hates going to the vet! poor thing had a bladder stone, and was in several times before her surgery- each time they had to shave a section of her fur for blood tests, once they gave her fluids under her skin since she was reacting to an antibiotic they gave her, then in for surgery (more shaving). back in a few weeks later for a liver enzyme test (after not feeding her for 12 hours before her appt, they had to force some canned food down her throat for the second half of the test since she won't eat canned food... she was so upset after they did that she wouldn't let them near her face to clean her up-- vet apologized for sending her home with food all over her face). needless to say, she has to be sedated for even a simple exam now. she is so sweet and loving at home, but at the vet's office she is impossible to deal with! (his words!) we had a vet who was really good with animals, he was always willing to work with us to find ways to make her visits less stressful to her. she doesn't seem to mind being in a carrier to go in the car, but if it's a long ride, she gets really vocal!
now that we've moved we need to find a new vet for her. I could take her to her old vet, but he's an hour and a half away, and I can't put her through the long ride for something she doesn't like!
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Peedoodle is a delight, he loves the car ride, that I dont need to put him in a carrier, hes like a dog, looks out the window.
Kahu is a little wild, that he has to stay in the carrier or else he will get lost! He was just fine after his neuter, acted like nothing happened. But it helps that their vet is a major cat lover!
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All my cat's hate the car ride! Only Cloud Dancer hates the vet,try's to bite,hisse's,pee's,only calm down long after he get's home!
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Spike despises the vet... and he's none too thrilled about getting into the carrier and going for a car ride to get there either. He was fine as a baby... we'd get to the vet, I'd take him out of the carrier, and he'd sleep in my arms in the waiting room. Now, he crouches in the back of the carrier... I don't take him out until we're in the examining room, and I have to take apart the carrier to get him out. The vet always tries to tip him out of there, and each time, I insist that it's not possible... my vets just don't listen, and I always end up taking it apart. He's usually well-behaved there... mostly out of fear I guess. He had two encounters with one of the vets there that he swiped at her, and she went to get gloves to handle him with. There's only one vet at that clinic I have any faith in, and it's not guaranteed that you'll get her, even if you request the appointment with her. I really do need to get a new vet clinic... my first choice isn't taking any new patients right now though. The only good thing about the vet is at the end... when the carrier is put back together, Spike walks right in and settles down because he knows it's over and he's going home.
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My Max hates the drive to the Vet, but once he is there he is OK. I think it helped that I got a soft kitty carrier that I can hold on my lap - the sides are mesh and he can see out. When I unzip the carrier and put him on the table, he creeps his way over to me and wants to be held in my arms. The Vet says he is very mellow and teases me about wanting to take Max home with him. He allows the Vet to feel for any irregularities and sits on the scale like he's the king looking over his subjects. He is very happy to get back in the kitty carrier though and go home.
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