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Why did I go back to school? (complete rant)

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As I sit here and anguish over the project I have due tomorrow, I have to ask myself.... is being a Bio teacher REALLY worht all this effort???

I've been up sice 4am so I could leave work early and go to my class this evening...
I was sick most of the weekend so I didn't get much of my planned homework done...

So now I sit here... and stress about getting this asgnment done, by tomorrow from the begining UGH

Guess I did it to myself, thanks for listening!!!! er.... reading?
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OMG that stinks!! That so sounds like something I would do! I would totally wait till last minute and then cram just well enough to qualify for a passing grade! Ive been wondering that same stuff recently, is all this time away from kids going to be worth it in the end?? I mean, its not like Im going to be sitting on my death bed going "darn I wish I would have went to school and worked more often"! It will probably be something like "darn, I wish I would have spent more time with my kids" So Im right there with you! Ive had the second part of my NREMT available for me to take since December... Procrastinate much?? hehe Almost like Im delaying on purpose just because I know that when this test is passed Im going to work, and go to school, miss Angels first day of Kindergarden and so on and so fourth! its frustrating trying to figure out the right answer!
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I wish delyaing was my issue... its really been an issue with TIME lol though TCS has competly side tracked me more than once!
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haha I know how that goes! Its even worse since all homework now days is on the computer so its like you're three seconds away from TCS and being able to chat!!
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I know, right? Thats so not fair!!!!
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I am finishing my second year of Graduate school and while there have been times that I thought I surely had a death wish for myself, the past two years have been awesome. Besides, I'm getting my MA and my credential. It will be worth it end it, just keep chugging along. Remind yourself of the end result and be proud of what you are doing. Good luck to you.
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Awwww.... thanks Abundance!

I'm not at the "death wish" phase of my thinking at this point, that was 2 weeks ago, right now I'm at the "is this semester over yet" phase

There is so much to do and so little time to do it in!

I'm on the final part of my project for tomorrow... I just can't think of any post-reading activities my teacher will find vaulable (literacy class, competly focused on the reading not the subject @ hand )
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Errggg... Im glad the classes Im taking are all hands on!! Except that we're all going to look like junkies by the time the IV part of it is over!
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