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Lexxington the Doberman

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I never thought I'd like dobbermans but I fell in love with my friends. I want one now, but I know I don't have the space nor the work. My friend takes him for training everyweek, but she is going to show him. He also needs tons of space to run, but such a friendly wonderful dog.

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Dobys!!!! We want one so bad, but we are worried about little Thor and a big Doby.

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if they all have personalities like lexx he would probably be fine.......except I guess he could get injured playing.

Lexx loves all creatures big and small, he loves playing with all other dogs and loves the resident cats, even though they aren't AS fond of him...
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What a beautiful dog ........ love this pic

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I love Dobys! The ones we have at work are amazing dogs! They are just sooo sweet!

He seems very happy with his bones!
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He's adorable.

My dad had one and she was a big baby, but he recently split up with his gf so she stayed with her.
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Love dobermans! Beautiful pictures.
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OMGosh!!! what a beautiful Doby!!!
Dobys are one of my fave breeds! because there smart, beautiful, awsome watch dogs and awsome family pets!!!
And this Doby in particularly Handsome!!!
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Wow that is a handsome Doberman!! I can see why you would fall in love with him!!
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He's gorgeous! And the pictures are excellent!
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He is gorgeous!!
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