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Quirky behavior!

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Recently I found a beautiful female cat that I think has part simeze and birman in her. I have had her since January. She is a very loving cat and is by my side constantly. I also have two male cats 6 years old. This new female cat has started to grab my socks or my girls socks and she brings then downstairs and leaves them by the back door. This is the door that I leave to go to work. Is she expressing that she misses me while at work? She only brings the socks down when I'm not at home. I have not seen her do this but my husband has when I'm gone. Also, she will try to pick confrontations with my two other cats. I was hoping this would calm down but she still does not like them and it's been a couple of months.
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i think she is bring you presents. My cats LOVE to take things and put them around the house. there favorite is underwear....i always have to to a quick check before anyone comes over!
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I think that is so sweet..I think it is her way of saying she loves you....
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Cats and Quirky behavoir??
Never! lol :tounge2:
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Find an old pair of sneakers and wear them around the house (without socks on) get them all sweaty with your odor and stick em in a sealed plastic bag. Before you leave the house, put one of these shoes out in the middle of your floor. If she is indeed missing you, then she will lay with that shoe and be comforted smelling your scent and knowing you are *near.* I have one kitty that takes watches, rings and eyeglasses, carries them upstairs and buries them in a litterbox- so I will trade you one quirk for the other! LOL
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