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Help with taking notes!

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My boss just sent me a text message asking me if I am available to be a secretary for the day, tomorrow at his board meeting. So I text back "yes", but have yet to talk with him. He is flying back into town today.

I'm assuming that I'll be taking the minutes of the meeting. Any tips, tricks I should know?

I've taken notes for his meetings before, but never board meetings. What goes on at one?

Thanks for any help/tips.
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I hope there's somebody else here who knows more than I do -- but just in case:

1. List everyone present and where the meeting was held.

2. Note who chaired the meeting and what time it started.

3. If there's a written agenda, incorporate it into your final typed minutes.

4. If not, list each topic raised, and:

--note what the issue is;

--note any important points of discussion and who took what view;

--capture the details of any votes taken (just ask everyone to keep their hands raised until you can write down the names of those voting each way);

--note in detail the disposition of the issue, including any further action to be taken, who is to take it, and by what date.

5. Ask your boss to approve the minutes before you send copies to others.

Good luck!
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Oh, of course after I reveal my relative ignorance, I find this site:


And this one:


Those should really help you out!
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Thank you! I've been researching it as well and the links were very helpful.

Wish me luck. The only person I'll know is my boss. I just hope I don't have to speak or anything. I just want to take notes and keep quiet, especially since I'm filling in for the regular person.
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