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Heres My Girl

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Im waiting patiently for Misty Blue to have her kittens! It seems like we've been wating forever! The good news is that Ihave foudn this site and that I know now that she needed kitten food! Shes gettin even bigger since yesterday!!!!! Anyways, here are the pics...
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Congratulations, and good luck! I know how excited I was too, while I was waiting for Salem to have her babies!

BTW, Misty Blue looks just like my Salem (and my Geronimo, too!). They're both all-black cats (I have 4 all-black cats altogether right now). I just love all-black cats!

You're gonna have a blast, being a grand-meowmy!

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Pretty little girl, but how did you pick the name of Misty BLUE when she is black???
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Ohhh, congrats! She's pretty. One of our kitties just had her babies a few hours ago, and they're so adorable!
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she is so pretty but that flea collar can be toxic to the babies
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cuuuuute - cant wait to see pics of the wee littles.
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Aw, she looks so happy! Not to mention she's completely cute!
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