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Split nail

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My kitty has a split nail on her hind paws. I don't know whether I should snip it. It's still embedded. She don't seems to mind it at all. Any clues?
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Are you sure that the nail is actually split? Sometimes when the outer layers of the nail are being shed, it kinda looks like the nail is split. Unless there is blood or your kitty is in pain, I would leave it alone. If it looks serious and your kitty is in pain, maybe you should see a vet.
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By "embedded" are you talking about the nail growing in the pad? If so, you need a vet to look at it. All nails should be kept trimmed so this does not happen.
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I trim her nails every two weeks. Anyway, the nail eventually fell off on its own. Thanks for the replies.
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Ok, I thought the nail was growing in the pad - its was just the outer covering you were talking about.
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