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British Shorthair

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So my new foster kitty is a registered British Shorthair. Honestly though I dont think she is full blooded. I dont think she is for many reasons.

1. I know her breeder. And shes one of the worst BYB's Ive ever seen. Last year I had some of her OSH mixes. She said mom escaped and she didnt want people to know that the cat had had mixed litters.

2. She doesnt look like most British short hairs Ive seen on websites. She does have a round face though.

3. Her kittens only one of them is mostly gray. But I guess that could be explained by the unknown dad. The litter consist of 1 tortie, 2 dilute torties, 1 blue point and one gray and white.

Here are some pics. She's not to friendly so far. So they arent great pics.

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Brits don't just come in blue, you can get them in most colours. She looks similar to the Brits over here, but not very good quality.
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I didnt know they came in other colors. The only ones Ive seen around here have been blue. Thanks!
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She looks pretty British to me - pet quality As Missy says, Brits are not just in blue. They come in all colors Blue is still the most popular tho.
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I agree with the others that she looks like a pet quality Britt. Her face isn't quite as full. She's awful cute!
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