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Meet Ms. Kitty...

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I guess I should finally introduce my newest kitty member; she was supposed to be a temporary member, as I was just watching her for a friend; however, she is moving soon, and was going to give her up for adoption, so because hubby and I were already attached, we naturally decided to keep her. So far, she really doesn't have a 'name' so to speak...we just call her Kitty. Although I would take name suggestions She is pregnant too (came that way), so we are looking forward to her babies to make their far I can feel two in her.

Anyway, my introduction of her is a bit bittersweet in light of my loss of Faith, but here she is; and I do believe she came into my heart because I was going to lose my other black girl; they are\\were SO alike. Kitty had taken over Faith's spot on my pillow when Faith could no longer get up on the bed, and she follows me around, as well as comes running to the door when I get home. So I do beleive that Kitty came into my life at just the right time...but it's still hard to be happy in a way, even though I love this new baby SOOOO much! She and Brazil are best buds, too, just like Brazil was with just seems so odd to me that these two kitties were so much alike; color and markings even...

kitty kisses...

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She is so pretty. She looks like she has long legs.
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she indeed is very pretty
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Beautiful girl!
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What a cute little girl! I'm glad you decided to keep her!
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Thanks all...she really is a beauty; an absolute doll really...she's a counter surfer though...hahahaha...brat!
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i had got milo 8 months before my boy janet died. but when it happened, even though i had bonded hugely with him i felt really strange in a way, almost as if i was being slightly disloyal to janet by putting all my emotions into milo.

but i believe like you, that these cats come into and out of our lives for a reason.

before janet, i had thomas. found him in the road where he had been the result of a hit and run, and i had him for a wonderful 9 months before he was hit again and killed. it was then a month later that i found janet in the local rescue center and when they told me that his owner had died i saw that as a sign.

also shinobi is so very like my rb cat sinbad, who i lost oct 2006. aside from both being black, shinobi lays on the bottom stair, uses the plants as a toilet , loves my daughter the most, has a massive appetite and is endearingly dumb just like sinbad. bizarre coincidence or what?

it is early days for you regarding your precious faith. i'm just glad that you have the love and comfort of your other kitties.

kitty is gorgeous by the way.
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Thank you all.

Tab...thank you for sharing about your wonderful kitties; even my hubby said yesterday night that maybe Kitty came into our lives for a is just uncanny at how alike they are...I have never had two kitties be so similar, that weren't related! Even those who were related atleast had a different over all attitude...these two well, it's eery how alike they are.
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She is lovely, her coat is nice and shiny.
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aww cuteee!
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