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Marbles' new thing...

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Hey all,

Marbles has a new nethod of waking me up in the middle of the night. She opens the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom. Not so bad right? Well, it takes some time to get those suckers open, so in the mean time I hear her batting at them. Silly silly silly cat. I currently have the important cabinets taped shut (like the one with all the cleaners in it, which of course is her favorite to try to get open). Anyone else have this issue? And if so, how did you correct it?
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dh tighted the hinges so they are harder to open. the cats haven't been bothing with them toooo much.
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I say just keep them locked up real good...this might sound mean...please forgive me,,,I haven't used it, but putting red Cayenne pepper on the area is suppose to keep them from bothering the particular area....I have gotten this advice from my mother, but never have had to use it just yet...
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How about the kid-prood latches, the ones that go on the inside of the cabinet? Those might be good.
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Christy - yeah, I was going to get those, but so I know they can't get into the cabinets, I don't want them accidently poisoned or anything, but there is still the noise factor.

I think I have mentioned this a million times before (so please forgive the repeating), but I sleep very lightly...and the banging of the cabinet door wakes me up.

Don't mind me, I am just whining. I am sure it will pass, I am just looking for suggestions.
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Yes I do!
Tage does this all the time. I think he got the idea from my ferret, lol. I've never bothered to do anything perminate about it, all I have to do is say "Taaaage" and he'll stop. There are lots of types of hooks you can get to put on these cabinets to stop them from opening, or slamming.
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I have a cabinet banger too- I went and got that stick on felt in small round circles that you put on the bottom of objects to stop marring the surfaces? I put a bunch of those around the outside of the cabinet where the door bangs and muffled the sound.
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Hi Jamie!

Marbles sounds kinda restless and playful and VERY intelligent!

Just the other night, i was kept awake all night by Venus who rambled through the kitchen stuff.

i have been cutting down all both kitties' wet foods intake, and these guys have been feeling the pangs!

i was wondering if you could play with Marbles with an interactive toy before you sleep. Also, giving her a lot of toys to keep her occupied might help? i was thinking of letting her restlessness be exuded here at play.

Could you close the bathroom door? Does the kitchen has a door? If not, could you put up a high partition at night, so Marbles can't get to the kitchen at night?

Hope your problem will be over soon, Jamie, cos i know what is like to be awakened in the middle of the night... TEARSOME!!!

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Thank you all for the suggestions.

Hissy- I will pick up those felt things when I pick up the baby saftey things. I certainly need to muffle that sound.

poh - Yeah, I do the play thing with them at night. The thing with Marbles is, she really isn't a play by herself cat, so even though there are toys avialable to her all the time, she prefers interactive play with either me or Trouble. As for closing the doors, trust me when I say less sleep lies that way. She is very particular. I think she certainly has the Tortie-tude. That cat can give me a look of death (Her 'Die Mommy, Die!' look) one second and be on my lap licking my hand and purring like a maniac the next. Very mood swingy.

I am hoping that it was just a full moon thing. It has only been happening the last few nights. Maybe she will stop. *crosses fingers*
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Max used to do this in the kitchen. He stoped when he got in one of the cabinets and the door shut behind him. I was in the living room and I heard this awful howling from him. I got up and opened the cabinet door and he came out like he was caught on fire. He has since stopped trying to get into the cabinets.
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