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Hey everyone!

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Its been a very long time since I posted. I really missed TCS! Ariana is doing really well. She's a bad little girl. But I love her anyway! She's 13 months old now and weighs 23lbs. Pictures are below.

Ive just recently started fostering again. I took a break trying to work with Calamity but nothing made things better. Im fostering a British Shorthair and her 5 kittens.

To make a very long story short I decided the best thing Calamity was to go to an adult only home with no other animals. She had gotten very unhappy here. She's doing very well in her new home (with a retired couple). She has comepletly stopped barbering herself. And is using the litter box and not attacking people. Hopefully she continues to do well.

So now its just me and Skye again. I think its going to stay that way for awhile. Im fostering this new girl but not sure if I will continue to after this or not.

Anyways thats a little update from me and here are some pics of Ariana.

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Welcome back! Ariana is so gorgeous!!
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Ariana is gorgeous! Welcome back!
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welcome back! aww, what a cutieee!
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Welcome back. Ariana is such a little cutie!
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She sure is Cute
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