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My Faith is gone... :(

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This morning, while I was at work, my sweet girl stopped fighting what ever was wrong inside; I got home just before noon, and she was gone... I am soooooo devastated, mainly because we never figured out what was wrong; I feel like a horrible kitty mom in that aspect. Anyway, just thought I would let you all know, especially those who were praying for her, and keeping her in your thoughts.

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oh, how sad! sweet Faith is no longer fighting - just playing & waiting for you...
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oh no! i'm so sorry. she was far too young to be taken from you.

please don't say that you were a bad mum though. you tried so hard to find out what was wrong.

i lost my boy janet last october to an unidentified illness. since joining this site i believe it to have been FIP. is that a possibilty for faith? some of what you described on the other thread reminded me of janet.

i felt sick and guilty for a long time, thinking i'd let him down, but i hadn't. these terrible diseases that snatch away our beloved pets are far beyond our control.

faith is fit and happy and watching over you from the bridge. she knows you love and miss her and she will give you the strength to one day think of her without it hurting.

RIP precious faith, play happily over the bridge.
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It could have been FIP, even though she had been tested for it; I know the tests are not always definitive...she was real sick when I first got her, and never was what I would consider a 'thrifty' kitty; she had her fine moments, but she never really seemed to 100% recover from her rough yes, I beleive FIP was a possibility. I just lost one in November from that very thing, as to lose Faith is even harder.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Rest In Peace, Faith
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So sorry about your Cat. She sure was a Nice looking Cat.
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You must not blame yourself though I understand why you would feel that way. It must have been a terrible shock to find her like that. You tried everything you could to make her well but it was not to be. RIP Faith.
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Rest in Peace, Dear Faith I am so very sorry for your is devastating. You are not a bad loved her and took care of her....she knows that. She is happy and healthy now and looking down on you hoping that you won't be too sad for too long.
I hope she meets up with my Max...he would say that Faith is a beauty...

Take care, my friend...
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I'm so sorry for your loss . Rest in Peace Faith
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Oh no!!!! Sweet Faith......we love you!!! RIP sweet baby girl!

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I am so sorry about Faith Heaven has another beautiful angel
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Thank you so much feels so 'lonely' without my little girl...Brazil is especially seeming to share my grief; she led me to Faith when I got home... poor girl...
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it really hard when you do not know what was wrong.
I am very sorry Rest in peace faith. play well at bridge.
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I'm so sorry. I lost Damita to the "unknown" exactly 2 weeks ago.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge with my Damita Mae, Faith.
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I am very sorry for your loss. May Faith rest in peace...
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Condolences on your sad loss of Faith Such a gorgeous kitten, and that tail was so precious - a real "fluff tail" kitty. Faith is over RB, enjoying all the best that Heaven has to offer and whatever ailed her can never make her feel uncomfortable again. Play happily over RB, Faith. Sending healing prayers to you & your other kitties during this difficult time
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Thank you all once're all awesome...
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Rest In Peace Faith

I`m so sorry
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