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We had a slightly depressing week in our rescue. We finally got our first litter old enough to get adopted. They all found awesome homes but one a DLH orange boy. He wont have any trouble getting adopted. Anyways at our adoption event we had tons of people asking us to take more kittens.

Since our rescue mainly does bottle babies we only usually accept babes under 4 weeks. Well we had a litter of six 1 week olds, three 3 1/2 week old, two gorgeous Siamese/Burmese mixes that were about 10 weeks.

And my new fosters. I havnt been fostering lately due to some personal stuff. But I couldnt say no to this girl. She's an 8 month old CFA registered British Shorthair. She's from a pretty crappy BYB. And I dont think she is purebred. The people bought her as a tiny kitten and when she came up pregnant didnt want her any more.

The kittens are 2 weeks old. She has 2 dilute torties, 1 tortie, 1 blue point and 1 gray and white.

I need name suggestions. They need something special to make them stand out.