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Friday's DT

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5:00 AM and I am awake,don't know why just woke up and can't get back to sleep!
1 US Mariane was killed,this morning
I wish this was over!
Don't have any plans today,just have to wait and see.maybe I will go out and buy a coller & leash for Grayski.
Everyone have a good & safe day!
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i really have to clean bad!! i need to clean the fish tank, the litter boxes, the whole house! other then that i don't really have plans. Just watch the news
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It's 3:33 am here and I have to go to bed so I can work this afternoon I will eventually, just trying to figure out this darn imagestation thingy. I thought you got your pics on there, then click on the pic you wanted, then copied the address in the address bar then linked it here, but I guess there's a different way of doing it? Cause it doesn't show up like I want it to. Arg! Oh well, I'll eventually figure it out, then watch out! I'm armed with a digital camera AND a good linking site hee hee.
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Today is Mark's birthday and I'm feeling old. **sniff** My "baby" is 25. Where did that cute little kid go? Now, he's a big, handsome hunk with a wife and twin daughters on the way.

There's nothing going on here, today. Guess I'll stick close to the TV and keep up with the news.

Temp should be up around 80, today. Wunnerful, wunnerful!
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Nothing much because I am stuck at work today. I need to finish lots of stupid garnishment orders paperworks today.

Have a nice day!!!
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Had a D'oh! moment this AM and started a Monday DT. That's what happens when I sit at the computer BEFORE I have my coffee...

(And by the way, I suppose it could have been a blonde moment; I dye my hair red, but it is dark blonde under the hair dye!)

New kitty update: Romeo (the cat formerly known as Sparkey) is doing quite well. He slept in between us last night, to the chagrin of the usual in-between gang (Coal and Sunshine). He is so laid-back, it's almost unbelievable. Jules and Blondie keep hissing at him and getting poofy tails, but he just blinks and ignores them. So far, there have been no scuffles, just displays of dominance which Romeo completely ignores.

Rainy and in the 50's here, but supposed to turn into a nice day. Basement is flooded again. But this time BF is home to take care of it!
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Glad that you're back on track, Sue.
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hope you all are having a good day... happy friday!

tamme - you need to right click on the image in imagestation and go to properties. in the properties box will be the location name you need (http://...etc). you copy that and put in between the img tags. hope this helps!

nothing major new today. we went to petco last night and got ed and coco this tube thing. ed likes it, but coco is araid of it. now there's a suprise! LOL

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g'day all!
its a beautiful day outta there, about time, since its been raining cats and dogs lately and Jake can go back to working at the ranch.
im distracting myself by watching the rocky horror picture show....oh oh oh oh at the late night double feature picture show...oh sorry, got distracted here
Im supposed to be packing...ughhhh, am finding every excuse not to, but Jakes off next week from school as its spring break, woohoo...but he still has to work anyway so...
hope everyone has a lovely, wonderful day!

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Hello everybody! Just waiting to hear from my mom when her surgery is on Monday as I will go and wait with my dad at the hospital. My parents are the cutest couple, even after 35 years of marriage. They still hold hands all the time and go out on their weekly "dates". They are a great rolemodel for a happy marriage.

I have a lacrosse game to go to tonight - at least with my screaming at the game I will be able to get out all of my aggression I am feeling.

Work is getting very picky on internet and personal e-mail time, so the time may come when I have to cut back on this site. I will try to keep up as often as possible.

Kellye - go pack!

Sue - glad Romeo is doing so well.

Cindy happy birthday wishes to Mark. How is his rehad going?
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I'm coming down with a cold...AGAIN. *shiver*


What a way to start a week-end!

Sherral - happy shopping! (good idea...think I'll hit the store before I go home)

PrincessPurr - Happy Cleaning (is there such a thing? lol)

Tamme - hope you sleep well....

Cindy....awwwww....25 is still a 'baby' age! Besides, he'll be your baby even when he's 50!

Frisky Feline...know what you mean. *ugh* just want to go home....why do we have to work?

Sue....didn't catch that thread but LOL - that is funny! Glad you are back on track and look at that, you have a whole week-end ahead of you now!

Auburn - catch you tonight? MSN???

Kellye - Get packing so we can chat later and on the week-end!!!!!!!

Ady - my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family......I'll be there with you guys on monday. Just close your eyes and imagine! All the TCS crowd will be walking the halls with you and your dad.
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Are people there also spending so much time glued to the TV? We have special reports on just about every channel here.
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Been teaching today and then watching over Ron. Hubby's not well again and his parents are out of town so I will have to watch over Ron tomorrow as well. I love being with my baby but I have soooooooo much work to do

We are watching a lot of new reports. The general feeling here is that if we go through the next couple of days with no Scuds launched at Israel we should be ok.

katl8e - congratulations to your son!

Ady - I am keeping you and your family in my prayers.

Have a good weekend everyone!
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Anne, stay safe!

I had the runs and have been sick....GRRRRRRR but i am starting to feel better now.
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ohh hope you're feeling better Kellye that's a horrible thing to go through!

Well,I'm up,took my vitamins and now I'm eating perogies yum. MIL called today to tell me my Biological father wrote back but it's a thin enough letter that she thinks only he wrote, not my grandmother and step-sister, like last time. I won't be able to get over to MIL place to pick up the letter before work so I guess I'll see it when I get home tonight. I kinda wish I heard from the others more than 'dad'. but oh well.

hope all of you guys' day goes well!

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