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The joys of college life

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Well for those of you that don't know I am in my 4th year(of 5) of a mathematics program and that means a lot of time locked in a room with a pencil, paper, and my calculator(I love that thing). Its getting towards the end of the semester which means my professors forget I have other classes and try to cram as much work into my schedual as the space-time continuam will allow. I spent 16 hours this weekend working on 1 assignment and I am still not done...its 16 pages of typed math and I didn't even show all my work(thank you calculator). This week have 2 math exams, one of which is over 4 chapters...and I haven't even started studying for it yet and its in two days, and a research paper to start researching(I dont' even have a topic yet). Next week the research paper is due, I have a child psycholgy project due(psychology is my minor), I have a Psychology of women exam, and I might have a final next week. And then the week after that I have finals which I should start studying for at some point here.

I feel bad because poor Tom is sitting here bored out of his little mind. Yesterday he spent the entire days finding creative ways to entertian himself...and that means more work for me. A few times he even stole the pencil out of my hand when I wasn't paying attention and started to chew it(probably trying to kill it). So anyone have any idea's on how I can balance work and play with Tom at the same time?
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Can you maybe try to schedule in a half an hour of play twice a day? I know school is probably driving you bonkers right now, but an hour a day is all my kitty needs for one-on-one play, then when I do my work from home he is a good boy, and sits on my lap or looks out the window or plays by himself....good luck! I know it is finals time!
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I've mastered waving a wand toy with one hand while studying with the other.
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Oliver was often my study breaks during college... I know you have TONS of work especially now (I got my degree in German language, which basically meant doing the work twice in 2 languages so I was sure I understood ugh) but you just gotta take occasional breaks so you don't burn out - grab a snack, the remote and a kitty toy and plop on the couch for a half hour.... that way kitty gets attention and you get a break and then your mind is fresh when you get back to your work

Oliver hated my Tuesdays and Thursdays my last semester cuz I had three 1.25 hour classes back to back so I was gone all day and lots of times Thursday ended up being "hey lets all cut this last class and hit the cafe for long islands" haha
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Yeah my tuesdays are like that I have 2 2hour classes back to back so I am gone until about 1 in the afternoon(they start at 9) so Tom is used to being alone in the morning. I think the part he hates the most is when I come home and start doing homework right after those classes because I've been gone all morning so of course I came home to entertain him. Half the time he meows at the top of his lungs until I finally take a break and pet him.
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Yeah, I always took a few minutes to give Ollie some lovin after being gone all day... besides after a long day of classes, I definitely wanted a meal and a bit of a brain break before diving into homework... plus I always had to pee when I got home haha so Ollie would follow me in the bathroom for lovin since I was "just sittin there" in his eyes - even now when I go out to the store, or when I worked (quit my horrid job last month) I'd get "a talking to" from him when I walked in the door, like I should account for my where-abouts haha

So yeah, just anytime you take a break or stop to eat or something, show him some attention and try to squeeze in a big play time at some point... nothing a big fresh salmon dinner won't fix after finals haha
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the first few mos i had chloe i was taking online classes. then i dropped out of OU to go to cosmetology school (i know, i know lol) and i was gone 8 hours a day. mom said it broke her heart because chloe would sit in front of the door from the time i left until i got home i night - crying.
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Why not include him in the fun? Tie a bit of string round some of your scrunched up notes and attach it to the door handle. Or, when you make a mistake and throw a piece of paper away, screw it up and throw it at him. He'll entertain himself for ages, until he bats it under the bed
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Me make a mistake, never...*looks round at the hundreds of balled up pieces of paper around my desk* okay maybe a few. Anyway there are a few good ideas's. I have also tried to hold him while I'm working the mental part of math(trying to figure out how the heck to do the problem) but apparently he is math phobic because he usually squirms to get down with in the first 30 seconds of me talking to my self. I can't believe the latest math assignment took 18 hours worth of work and 20 typed single spaced pages to finish and I feel really bad for the people that started it last night because unless there robots there is no way they can finish in time.

As for Tomnus he is doing better with the whole me studying thing, he just naps on the couch behind me while I study and then come by me every so often to get petting. He actually doesn't want a whole lot of attention after about 5 minutes he is ready to go do his own thing again.
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Have you thought about a cat tree? You can get a nice one for about $40 - $50. Most of them have cute little houses at the base so they can have a kip if they want to.
And I can't say I blame him for being math phobic!
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It's true....if you just give them UNDIVIDED attention for even 5-10 mins they are usually quite happy to go off and clean themselves or nap.

Get some toys he can play with alone while you are busy. But give 5-10 mins of play/cuddle time twice a day...or more.

It's good for you too! It will get you destressed....cats will always do something to make you laugh or smile.
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I recommend keeping a pile of toys near you, and wearing a hooded sweatshirt with the hood strings. Gus is playing with my strings while I'm sanding silver (I am majoring in ceramics) and when he gets bored with that and starts chewing on sandpaper again I throw a toy for him to chase after.
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Oh my gosh!!!! WHY would you want to do that much MATH!!!!?!!!! I hate math and would give anything not to do math for the rest of my life!

Go get Tom some really stronge catnip!!! He'll have a blast then sleep for hours!
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