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Dallas City Council meeting

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The city council of Dallas is discussing today new ordinances governing pets. Among them, all pets (I assume they actually mean all dogs and cats) have to be spayed or neutered by the age of 6 months. The owner can get a breeding permit to avoid this, but it's something like $500 per animal.

In addition, the ordinances will limit each household to a maximum of 6 adult pets and abuse clauses are added in, such as a prohibition on tethering animals.
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I wonder if they will put the same limits on cats as dogs. One "pile" from my dog Sugar (a Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever/rott mix) can easily add up to at least 8 cats', plus cats don't pack up and get naughty the way that a pack of dogs will.
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I hate these ridiculous ordinances -most are AR group spawned. I've read of other towns in Texas doing this..and "pets" doesn't just mean dogs or cats in many cases, it includes birds, rodents, and reptiles.
Don't assume that pets will only mean dogs and cats if they worded it vaguely enough, it will be twisted around to go after other people if they can do it. (ie, from a neighbor complaining about noisy birds or being afraid of someone's snakes).
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Looks like another stupid AR backed/sponsored piece of legislation Yep, the first step in taking away your rights to own and love your animals
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I haven't read the proposed legislation and I've no idea who sponsored it. However, just by reading the synopsis in the OP it *seems* that on the face of it, the "heart" of this ordinance is in the right place. Doing away with chaining dogs 24/7 would get my vote right off the bat and I'm all for spay/neutering, though I don't know how that would be enforced.

I'm interested in learning more about these proposed ordinances.
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They usually use hoarding as a reason for limiting the number of animals. There usually are other laws already there, both for care of the animals and sanitation, health regulations, to deal with hoarding situations. Hoarding is usually also linked to some kind of mental or emotional illness so adding more laws isn't going to stop someone from becoming a hoarder.
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Actually, where I live, the town has a 3 adult cat and/or dog limit.
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