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You've come a long way, babies!

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Three months ago, the husband and I took in three feral kittens that were hanging around outside our house. We weren't sure if they were ever going to fully adjust to life in our house, but within a short period of time, they have adapted and are happy, healthy domestic cats.

The husband came home from a conference on Saturday afternoon and decided to take a little nap on the sofa. Look who joined him!

I still find it hard to believe that a mere three months ago they would run away if we got within 10 feet of them...
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They are so cute!
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well that just shows how much effort you and your husband have put into them! they obviously feel secure and comfortable with you.
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Aww, just look at those babies.
It's obvious that they're very happy living indoors.
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Now that is too cute for words!. They've come a long way and quite quickly as well
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Wow! You guys have done a fab job with them
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Wendy - I haven't been around much recently - but look how much I've missed!

LOOK AT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must be just BUSTING! (And hubby slept through it all! )

But - where's Stevie?

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What a sweet's amazing isn't it, you never think it will happen and when it does it's an amazing feeling It took my Joey 3 months before he let me touch him.
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Thanks everyone! They are doing really well. We are amazed that the two of them have come around so quickly. When I got home from the gym today, Conor came running downstairs and insisted on having a good pet. And to think - a few months ago they ran in the opposite direction whenever we came near them....

Good to hear from you Laurie! Stevie is still around - he was just upstairs when this particular picture was taken. This was right around the time we had to de-flea them, so Steve was not a happy bunny. He ignored me for two days and the husband...well, he has only just got out of Steve's bad books (he was the one who applied the frontline to Steve). Steve is still quite skittish, but we are patient people and he seems to be learning from the other two. I will try and get some more pictures of all three of them. They are getting so big (they must be about 8 months old now...).
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Oh they DO grow up SO fast!

We want more pictures! I'm just still smiling from this one though.

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