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Runny Kitten Poop?

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So, one of the kittens is having pale-ish brown, very runny, goopy poop. He is also opting to poop on a particular segment of the room, rather than in his litter box. (I've put a second litter box over there for his use, but he still seems to be trying to avoid using it unless I actively put him into it when I see him pooping/peeing.)

Given the combination of the odd poop and the poor litter box behavior, I wanted to run it past you guys and see what you thought. Is this just typical kitten adjustment to solids, or is he likely getting sick?
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I don't know if he is sick or not, but sometimes my kittens' poop is kind of soft and runny and sometimes not. They also don't always hit the litter box. Mabe you can take a sample of the poop to a vet for a fecal test. You don't need to take the kitten, just the sample. I did it with Rags when she was pregnant.
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He started crying out while pooping a few days ago, so I took him in to the vet. Now he's on an aggressive antibiotic regimen (which I can tell you, he really loved, tons), and in 24 hours, had returned totally to normal, and is using the litter box again, yay.

Poor little guy got put in solitary in the bathroom for 24 hours though, while waiting for him to stop pooping wherever, to save our rugs. He did not really enjoy that, though we decided to get lenient on the solitary and give him a kitten companion for company. (After making sure it wasn't contagious.)
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So he had an infection? Well, I'm glad he's doing better. I'm also glad it wasn't contagious!
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Yeah, the vet just said it was an intestinal infection, but if the other kittens didn't have it, they probably wouldn't get it. And on the off chance that they do, I've got the antibiotics already. (They came in standard sized bottles, and it's like, 800 regimens for a kitten.)

Plus everyone is getting to eat special food now, lucky them.
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