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B12 vitamin

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I was thinking about starting on some of these. I've been hearing about it and the wonderful energizing properties B12 contains. I was just wondering if any of you are taking it and can give me a bit more information on it and if you like it?
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Here is some information on Vitamin B12


Before starting on any over the counter medication, even vitamins, contact your doctor or pharmacist to see if it's ok. People don't realize that even vitamins can interact with other medications to cause horrible side effects and even alter the desired effects of a medication.
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Thanks for the info I'll have a talk with Walgreens and get some info as well from them. Tho luckily I don't really take any other medications so I don't think there'll be an issue on that aspect of it.
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My doctor suggested i try taking a b12 supplement and i have noticed a little improvement since i started taking one. It's not been drastic though- but i have a few other medical conditions that kind of make me feel tired sometimes- so that's understandable. It does make a little difference for me though. If your doctor gives you the ok, it may be something to look into
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My Husband used to take it and he didnt feel any better then before so the Dr took him off it.
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