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me too! but, it's been awhile since i've used my creative side in FireWorks
so i'm a bit nervous

i should try fooling around in there a bit again - hours go by when you're
creating or in my case trying to create something

but, it is lots of fun.
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Hmm, ok it is outlined in black, but on the right side it's not showing up very well. I'll finish it, and then re-do it in the same blue as the text, then you can choose which one.
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okay i'll be standing by

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I can't get the perfect color blue! Erg. Here's one, but it just doesn't sem..right to e..Erg. Do you have any specific color blue?
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Uhh Can you see that? I can't.
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More violet:
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Lighter blue
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geeeeeeeeeeez, i cannot decide !

they are all great colours, and a great design, thank you
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You're very welcomed!

I like the turquoise-ish one personally,, but now you can change your avatars even more, and it can be a subtle change! Maybe you can give a prize to the person who first notices the av change.
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i think i like the one i have right now best, you can see my name best in that colour, i think
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though i have to say, it is kind of strange to see my face everywhere
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yah, i like the turquise-ish one a lot too, but, it's harder to see my
name underneath... decisions, decisions

i will reward the first person to notice a smokin smilie parade !!

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Well I darkened the Turquiose color a bit but it looks more like teal green now.
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Well now you must know how actors and models must feel the first time they see themselves on screen or on a magazine or something.

I'd be kind of spooked seeing me everywhere and in different colors. Like i was on acid or something
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that's great, i think i'll use that one, thank you again
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Oh stop, I LOVE making graphics, so you don't have to thank me for doing what I love

If you ever want a new one, just ask. I know Anne is very busy these days so if I could help her out a little by making custom avs for people then I am glad to.
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well, how about this, if you ever just feel like making me one - if you're bored, or whatnot, then you can

i wouldnt mind one, one day, of just my kitty blue, cause she's so cute,
and i dont have any good ones of any of my other cats right now :confused2

by the way - did you recieve my email yet?

eesh, we've taken over this thread, 1 1/2 pages

okay i am off to sleep, it's 5 a.m. and i am exhausted
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if you ever see this, what do you think of this? i saw it and thought of ya
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Blue, yesh, I got the email, but haven't had a chance to email back yet. I am the WORST when it comes to replying to emails

Post a pic of Blue the cat and I will work on an avatar of her.
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here's one of blue & kenya, if you can cut out the mat on the chair!

or a funky star? some kind of star(s) :
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Hey! As you can see, I successfully changed my avatar! Thanks, Anne and illusion for all of your help!
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