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Just looking for feedback and also to make sure everyone's got what they wanted (or not - which we'll need to fix )
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I think there is a great selection! Thank you so much! The site looks wonderful!
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To Anne or Blue or Illusion or whomever: My brother (a lawyer) said I can ue Garfield or Kliban without any copywright problems. I would like for you to set up an Avatar for me; I can't even figure out how to get over to the place where the selections are. . . . . .

Any Garfield face shot (eyes open) is fine or the Kliban "Kat With Red Shoes"(if you know what I mean by that)

Thanks for helpig out a senile old woman.....:jarswim:

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Here's a kilban and a Garfield. Then tell me which you prefer and I'll upload it for you!

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Anne; Thank you. I like the Garfield. Yeah, do the Garfield!

Have you read the Kliban Cartoon Books? They have been my favorites for years! I have a framed collague that Dorothy made for me from hundreds of Kliban cartoons. I see something new everytime I look at it. . . .
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You are now officially avatared
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Anne...or anyone else with info
I read the previous posts on avatars, but didn't find any links to sites...I'd love to find something I feel suits my quirky (yet loveable ) personality...any ideas?
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Can only moderators have their own picture posted as an avatar? I noticed yours right away, of course, but now I see that Debby has her picture as her avatar. I kind of like the idea of my own picture. I like putting people's faces with their posts. Is this possible?
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There is a selection of avatars that members can choose from. Kittens (members with less than 20 posts) have a choice of 6-8 cartoon avatars. "Older" members have a choice of 60 avatars or so. See this link: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/mis...on=showavatars

To add an avatar to your profile, click on the button that says "user cp" at the top of the page (the left one in the row of the purplish buttons). There click on the link that says "edit options" and scroll down the page you get until you see a button that says change avatar. From there you can either choose one of the avatars or upload your own.

Only adult cats (members with at least 100 posts) can upload their own avatars. If you are one (and Deb I think you overqualify ) then you can make your own image (sized 50*50 pixels) and upload it. It can be anything you want - a picture of you or anything else.

Like I said in another thread - I'll be happy to make a special avatar for Alpha cats (like the one I made for TLK and the mods). Just tell me what do you like. So Deb, I can make one based on your picture in the gallery. Tell me which color you like to have your username and frame (if you want those) or any other elements you want.
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Thanks these avatars are great. You have made this my favorite site.
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can you upload this for swalker for me? she'd like it as her avatar - for now.

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by the way, i love the garfield avatar Darlene, very nice
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Gee Anne, any color that would look good with the picture is fine with me. I would just like the photo with my name on it, like yours and Debby's. Thanks!
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Okay - done for both

Sorry about the lateness - haven't been around much yesterday.
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Here's one for you, Deb. If you'd like any changes (ie, color, or you just want "Deb" on it) please let me know.
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Oops I guess I was a bit late *lol*
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I was just looking through the avaters and the one of the Icerberg reads "Icebregs". Is that a boo-boo or does that refer to something???
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I just wanted to say a big thank you for taking the time to make my custom avatar. Trust me, there was no delay from my standpoint. I have hardly had time to get onto the site each day. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to get that set up for me.

P.S. to Illusion
I love yours too! You guys are giving me too much to choose from! I like the way the little letters tilt. How do I use this if I want to?
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Icebregs ... Shows you how scattered I am

It was supposed to be Icebergs and has no special meaning. Just a nice picture I had so I made it into an avatar...

Glad you like yours, Deb... You can switch between that one and illusion's all the time. What you need to do is right click on the images and save them to your computer. Then, go to the "user cp" and choose "options" from the menu. Scroll down to where it says "change avatar" and choose to upload your own file. Then browse your hardisk and upload whichever of the files you want.

Other alpha cats in need - please post your requirements here!
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i wonder if you could make me one with my photo with light blue fine
text - if you have time.

so, i have more avatars to choose from seeing as how i like to change
mine frequently
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Thank you Deb! I'm glad you like it. The font is called "Soopafresh" and it's one of my faves to use for graphic making.

Blue, if you don't mind, I am trying to make you an av right now. Only thing is fine light blue text doesn't work on the pic I have and for some reason your other pics in the pictures thread aren't working.
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how sweet of you ! hmm... well, any kind of blue
will work for me, or black for that matter, whatever
works for you, just no pink or yellow or orange

and, about the text, not to offend anyone, but, i
dont really care for bubble text, if it's possible
to have something different, that would be appreciated

thank you :angel2:
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OK Blue. I have tons of fonts (about 600). DO you have any in particular that you like?
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i have tons too my favourite at the moment is something called "marydale"

and i also like "trebuchet ms"

do you have either of those?
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I think I have Trebuchet. Is Marydale downloadable of any free font sites?

I can also make your av an interesting shape. Like rounded corners, zig zag, etc. Right now I am playing with this shape (of course the corners will be transparent when I am done):
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If you'd rather me use a different pic, then email it to me at only_dreaming@hotmail.com

For some reason those you've posted in the pics thread aren't working right now. The webpage you have them on must be down.
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oh, gosh, i love fonts and i think i spent 10 straight hours once
downloading them, so, yes, it's free & downloadable, but, i have no idea where i found it... :confused2

but, that's okay i like a lot of different fonts... i've always
liked Book Antiqua - something like :


i really like the way the stars come up with Book Antiqua, but, they
look so darn small there

something like that, with the stars maybe funky like and bigger then
the name? i dont know

i like that shape, i think i'd like anything you do, thanks so much
for spending the time on this !
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it is down, has been all bloody day!!! grrrrrrrr!!!

i wish i had another photo, but, i do like that one because, for one,
it has my little blue in it, and for two, you cant really see my face
too clearly, which works for me

i like the shape, maybe is it possible to do an outline in blue, around
the edges, or black?
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about the outline, i just mean, a more enhanced outline/colour...
know what i mean?
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Ooh yeah OK, since your nick, blue, it pretty short, everything I was trying was looking a bit blank on each side, so adding stars was something I was going to ask you about! *lol* You beat me to it.

And I LOVE doing stuff like this, so it's no problem!
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