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Hi, Im new here! introduction -

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Hi !

I am Israeli, volunteering in a Cat's shelter. This is how I got here...

I have two amazing cats in my rented apartment - Timon & Pepe - (picture attached...)
and many more at my parent's house.

I consider myself a proud mom!

Peace to everyone

Nice to meet you all, I really enjoy these forums!

:girly1: KatieCat
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Hello Nunny and a big welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy your self here like I do. The people are very friendly. Lovely pic of your kitties.

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Hi Nunny!

I see you found your way over to our new members spot. Timon and Pepe are very cute... they look like they like to snuggle. :tounge2: Just be careful... this site is VERY addicting!
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awww very cute kitties!! and welcome!!
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Welcome to the site! I'm glad you found our little spot in cyberspace. Do you work with CWSI at all?

I hope you enjoy your stay here, and please stay safe in this time of turmoil.
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Welcome!!! I am sure you will love it here!!
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You're in good company, since the owner of this site, Anne is also from Israel!


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hello and welcome! enjoy the cat site! you have gorgeous cats.

hope you are all well and safe right now!
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Wow! what a warm welcome!!

I am absolutely thrilled to be here! Please forgive me for future spelling - mistakes... this is not my mother tongue...

And I wanted to let you know that I got here afer Anne recommended it!!!

Snn is wonderful, Im sure you all know it!! (and she does SO much for the cats in Israel - when not a lot of people do!).

I am going to enjoy this site so much...

I think Im already addicted...

See you in future threads!!

:girly1: KatieCat
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Yes, a big welcome, Nunny!

Here is another kiss for your kitties - !

Stay safe, and you are in my prayers!


From another Newbie :
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A little story about how my cats and myself became family:

One morning I arrived at my office, to find 4 crying babies!!! They were so tiny... I took all four to my apartmend, fed them until they were strong enough to eat on their own, and then I managed to find homes for 2 of them!! I managed to convince my significant-other to keep two... Believe me, it was hard to choose!

I started volunteering about a year ago, in our local non-profit Cats Wellfare Society of Israel. I help them with office work, and this week I managaed to collect donations to buy a small generator to keep our cats (over 400 of them!!) warm!!!
I just do whatever I can to help these wonderful people at the shelter. I can't stay away... they have so many great cats there!!!

Thats it... I hope I didn't bore you...

Stay wonderful!!!

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Welcome aboard, Nunny. I've been reading your posts, about the war, in the Lounge.

Working with the Cat Welfare Society, you must be acquainted with Anne, the owner of this board.

Keep posting, as much as you can.
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Welcome Nunny! So glad to see you posting here

Were you at the CWSI today? I don't think I saw you and I know you're usually there on Fridays.
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Hi everyone - Anne...

Today I went to see my parents, after a very long time I didn't go... Thats why I wasn't in the CWSI today

But you will see me next week- as usual!!

Anne, thanks for recommending this forum... I got addicted, just like you warned I would!!

See you next week!

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Welcome Nunny! You have very adorable kitties!
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Hi, Nunny. Welcome! Yes, you'll probably get addicted, like me. I'll be looking forward to more posts from you-and pictures too, of course! Enjoy checking out all the different forums.
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