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Upcoming May Shows

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You know the drill - who's going to May shows?

We'll have our new Grand at the May 17/18th show in Minneapolis, MN (ACFA).
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May 3 (this Saturday) Auburn, IN (CFA)

We are showing Kingston for Grand points. This might be his last show because he has yet to make a final and this will be his 5th as a Premier. He is all we have to show right now so might not be able to stay away from shows
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May 18th - FASA, SA Australia
I'll have all 3 cats there
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All CFA for me
May 3rd - York PA - My imports have their show debut!
May 10th - Raleigh, NC
May 17th - Newport News, VA or Freeport, NY (maybe, I might even stay home this weekend)
May 24th - Lebanon, PA
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No shows for us until the regional in July down at Orlando, Fl. Our new boy, "Rome" will be debuting there in his very first kitten show. Rome is London's itty bitty brother. He's just 8 weeks now. He's stunning and if he were any sweeter all our teeth would fall out from decay.
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2 x 2 ring shows...May 25 and May 31 - gunning for a DW for Suria this season!

Plus I need to grand some 4 cats (maybe more) this season, wish me luck and all craziness!
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I went to the show today in MPLS just as a spectator for a little bit. Been busy little bee at home with kittens
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Did you get to see Charlie??? And the other Oci's - we were all benched together. You should have said hi - bad girl.
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I think I did. heh sorry I have been so hopped up on mom was leading me around by my arm..LOL

I know I am bad...I didnt even think I sorry.. was just making a little day trip to unwind with mom after some icky icky stuff going on.
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Sorry I missed you personally, but hope things will be better soon
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