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Angry Kitty Pictures

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So, I was going though pictures of Spike to post in the "close-ups" thread, and I couldn't find any that weren't blurry. I did however find pictures where he looked really ticked off a me for snapping yet another photo... so I thought I'd post those.

Obvious look of disgust:

Ears back... hiding on the top of his cat tree:

Are anyone else's babies fed up with your picture taking? :tounge2:
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Spike dont fool me! Inside hes really a pussy cat!
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Here's my pissy cats, hehe. Tigger Roo
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Spike is both a toughguy and a chicken, rolled up into one. :tounge2:

And Tamme, Roo and Tigger do look ticked off... seems Roo is not too appreciative of the little bracelet looking things on his head. They just don't realize how CUTE they look when they're annoyed!
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hehe the "bracelet looking things on his head" are pipecleaners I got from the grocery store. I got some pics of tigger with them too. hee hee I'm mean.
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OH! I feel so silly now! I went back and took another look, and they are obviously pipe cleaners... it's 2:30am here... can I use that as an excuse?

As a sidenote - do Roo and Tigger like playing with pipecleaners? I'm always on the lookout for new cat toys. :tounge2:
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they go nuts over anything that's long and thin. Even the fern, but I think they've settled down on that.
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Here are some PISSY pictures of my kitties!


Peppurr with glasses on!


Vader see's Peppurr!
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awwww what cute angry kitties!!
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That is some pi$$ed off kitties!
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My little GoGo does not like discussing his
weight.....it makes him mad....
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hee hee that looks like my roo!
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Tamme - LOL! I was thinking the same thing. GoGo and Roo look like brothers....BTW, I have seen your babies and they are very handsome. I love their names Tigger & Roo...how did Tigger get an orange kitty name? And Roo, how did you come up with that name?

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Tigger was Darrell's before I met him. I guess he's partial to that name. When we got Roo, Darrell's mom had Winnie (the pooh) and Darrell had Tigger, so we decided to stay with the same theme and go with one of the characters from the show. Roo is a baby kangaroo and is orange, so he was the logical name. It was a little hard getting used to because I wanted a 2 syllable name, but it stuck. Sometimes I call him "Roo-babies"... lol.
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jgaruba - Spike looks cute in that pic. I just saw his baby pictures....LOL! I miss the kitten days **sniff

I'm just kicking back with a cup of coffee this morning looking at everybody's kitty pictures...LOL, fun!

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Jenn - Awwwww I just love pics of my fur-nephew. He is so freakin' cute! Then again, I think I might be biased.
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:LOL: cute angry kitties' faces!! I dont have one of each of my cats. UMMMMM

kimward34~~ Your chubby cat is soo cute.. Jude is still gaining his weight and will look like your cat. I guess red tabby is easily to gain weight?
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TOby in his Halloween costume!
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Pepper saying "P*ss Off" when I'm trying to take his photo!

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i used to put dresses on my kitties when i was little. i love how they just fall over like they're dying from the humiliation. mean, but funny.

love the ticked off kitty pics everyone!
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LOL!!:laughing: i would put some funny pics of mine but i still can't figure out how to do it
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How about an action shot of Nakita going after a pineapple leaf?

(sorry.....had to remove pic!)

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Oh my God, Kass, she looks possessed! It's the Evil Nakita Demon! Run for your lives!

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I warned you she's wanted across the country and not be swept up with her innocent looks!

She's an evil kitty!! You should see her when I don't clean her litterbox to her specifications!!

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One unhappy little girl who just got her nails clipped, sorry if it is a bit blurry:

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Cute pictures!!

Jenn, i doubt i will ever get tired of taking my kitty babies' pictures!!

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Tasha - Peppurr and Vader DO look ticked off! I can't even imagine getting a pair of sunglasses on Spike... if I wanted to keep my eyes anyway.

Kim - :LOL: I about spit out my kool-aid when I saw GoGo giving you the cold shoulder. And is there anything cuter than kitten pictures?? :tounge2:

Jamie - you're not biased! Spike really IS that cute! And that ticked off picture of Trouble... I had nothing to do with!

sharper16 - How in the world did you get Toby in that costume? Do you still have all your fingers?

Sunni Jean - :laughing2 :laughing: Oh, that look is SO familiar.

Kass - That's our dear Nakita? She does look a bit possessed... cute as ever though.

pohchoowan - Thank you. And I don't get tired of photographing Spike... he just gets tired of me doing it.
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Something must be wrong in my household- my ferals are always peaceful!
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In response to your question about getting Toby in that costume, unfortunately, he doesn't have claws! I didn't do it, so nobody get upset with me. He was declawed when my husband found him when he was a baby (Toby that is, not my husband LOL).
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Hissy - Am I seeing things or is that baby feral sleeping with his tiny rear in the air? LOL....Just like a real baby...

How sweet.....

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