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Where to buy single cans online?

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[ I apologize before hand if there is already a thread dedicated to this, but I was unable to find it. ]

I'm looking for an online pet food place that DOESN'T sell only in bulk. I've been feeding Niko a whole bunch of different canned foods to see which he likes, and while my local store sells a variety of the super premium/natural brands, there are still others we have yet to try that they don't carry. It's been difficult finding shops that don't make you buy an entire case when all I want are single cans for taste testing.

The only one I've found, so far (that looks reputable and doesn't overcharge up the wahzoo), is www.onlynaturalpet.com. Anyone have any other suggestions?
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I have no clue. Online usually means you buy more then a single can. You might write to a company and ask if they will send you "samples" of the cans you'd like. Maybe you could pick out several ones and make it an assortment case?
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You might want to check the marketplace ads on this forum....
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I've never actually ordered from any of these places, but here are some that haven't been mentioned yet:

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I've ordered from West Coat Supply before & got good service.
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When I was trying out different foods for Cleo (for IBD and CRF issues) I e-mailed the PetGuard company to find a store near me to try out their food. They sent me a package with a dozen different flavors (free of charge) to try out, as well as a nice coupon toward a purchase. Cleo didn't seem to care for the food, but the company REALLY impressed me by their customer service. GoldenKitty45 is right....it certainly wouldn't hurt to e-mail the companies and see if any will send samples.
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