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Litter-Robot, worth $320?

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I've heard about this thing in lots of places. Now that my monsters are getting big enough I'd like to consider one of these automated boxes.

Does anyone here have any experience with this? If so I'd appreciate some feedback.

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OH MOST DEFINATELY!! I dont think i can praise this machine anymore. I have 2 1/2 cats (the one is only 12 weeks old) and I can let the device go a week without having to change the bag and you still wouldnt know there were cats in my apartment. I absolutely adore this machine. I even found one on craigslist that the guy was selling for $75 and he was 3 hours away....you damn for sure I was there so now I have 2 of these Robots and I dont think I could ask for anything better. I do use Worlds Best cat litter and I can say a 17 lb bag is lasting twice as long as it would of in regular litter boxes.

The only bad thing I can say is that because I am a light sleeper if the Robot cycles during the night it does wake me up, but heres the good thing, you can unplug it so it doesnt cycle during the night. I dont like to unplug it because i would rather be woken up by the Robot cycling than one of the cats smelly butt.

Definately definately invest the money it this, you will love it as much as I do!!
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Definitely worth it. I have 3 cats and have used one for 17 months now without a problem. My 17 pounder even fits in it.
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Cool I think i'll order one this week.

Was it hard (question for anyone that has one) to train the cats to go into the spaceship?
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No, it wasn't hard. They just went inside and did their thing(s). Took the regular box up in 24 hours and have never looked back. When I added a new kitten last fall, I set up a regular box upstairs and left the Robot downstairs. Within 2 days, the upstairs box was unused.
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