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I need advice, asap!

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Hi, one of my cats is about 3 weeks pregnant, we recently got two kittens that are sisters, they are about 10 weeks old now, and we've caught the soon to be mom nursing them, we aren't sure if they are getting anything, but she just lets them, is this normal? I got the kittens at 8 weeks, so weaning was already done, I'm worried because we've just learnt recently that there may be Feline Distemper in my home, from a previous cat that we took in temporarily. The kittens have their first shots, the mom only had her first one, she was a stray and nobody bothered to get her them up until about a month ago, we wont get the next dose until her litter is born, the two little ones got their first shots at 8 weeks. What if my nursing cat has been exposed to the Distemper, will them nursing off of her get them sick?

I think this is strange, I've never seen it like that before, maybe the babies are missing mom?
Should I get them split up until the litter is born?
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It won't hurt, but you should discourage it if mom is pregnant. The kittens could be taking the pre-milk (which newborns need) and any other milk that may come in.

If they nurse too much, mom may not have enough milk to be feeding her own kittens when they are born!
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