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Pregnant Cat- Getting SICK? Help

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Hi everyone, I have a pregnant cat on my hands right now, she is part of a previous litter of mine that were born last August, she is only 9 months old, I've noticed that her stomach is starting to get big, and that her teats are pushing out. She sleeps a lot, I have one worry though, one of my friends who used to live here had a pregnant cat as well (and she was here) but unfortunately, it got "Feline Distemper" from another cat at a previous residence, her cat died suddenly and slowly a week before she was due. She was extremely huge, and lost a lot of hair. She was also skin and bones pretty much, and after numerous visits to the vet, he said it was from being pregnant, that her kittens were stealing her nutrients and thats why she was so slim. I've had a few litter of kittens, and none of the moms were like that. So we stayed up all night with the precious soon to be mom, and she died tragically the next morning just before 7 am. Now, we never found out what killed her, the vet said she was probably too young (she was 18 months) and thats what happened, until we found out that there was a breakout of the distemper in the previous residence, it was a foster home, the death toll reached to 5 cats and 3 kittens in that home, it was traumatic. Now my cat is pregnant, she is about 3 weeks in, and she is beginning to show the first symptoms of distemper, but they arent visible, just her haw in the eye is showing a lot. I am very afraid for this cat, what could i do for her? The other female died in February (in my home) and we didn't know what it was until recently, our other cats have their shots, but we skipped out on one for the little pregnant one, as we feared it would hurt her babies, please give me some advice! I just cant see another pregnant mom die, no one knows how it feels! Should I get her immediately euthanized if she begins showing more symptoms? Its such a bad way to die! I was also informed that the babies will have health problems if the mom was exposed to the virus, is this true?
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If your cat is sick and may have distemper, it could be passed onto the kittens inside. Please take her to the vet and decided what is best for her.
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I wish I had some advice to offer, but I've never had any experience with distemper. But I agree with GoldenKitty: you should probably take her to your vet.

I hope that everything turns out okay. Good luck with plenty of vibes.

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Well momma cat is doing fine, we have her in quarantine in one of the rooms, we cleaned it out with bleach...twice. So shes acting the same, just tired is all, her stomach is HUGE! Shes still a fair size, she isn't losing too much weight. Its just a really scary thing to watch a pregnant girl die so helplessly, with any luck i wont have to witness it again. The picturee is Sage, the little lady that died a week before she was due, very beautiful little angel, I loved her dearly. Anyways, I'll upload some of the female I have now, Maggie.

Later ya'll.
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I think that skipping out on vaccinating the pregnant cat was a big mistake. Now not only is the momma at risk, but all her babies are at risk because they get their immunity from the mother. The mother has no immunity because she was never vaccinated and therefore they are all at risk. I would get that pregnant momma spayed asap or else get her somewhere where there was no panleuk and there are no other cats. If you witness any signs of it, take her to the vet immediately and if necessarily have her humanely euthanized.

Please consider spaying her now and vaccinating her, or else make sure she stays inside and away from intact males until her babies are born and she can be spayed. Her kittens can be spayed around 10 weeks old so you can take them all in so that this doesn't happen again. ESPECIALLY since you had panleuk in your home before. You are just continuously putting these cats at risk by not fixing them and then they are reproducing...
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